From the Church of Ireland Gazette (Hat Tip: Thinking Anglicans)

Interview with Dr Philip Giddings Chairman of the Church of England General Synod’s House of Laity

The full Interview can be heard here

The Chair of the Church of England General Synod’s House of Laity, Dr Philip Giddings, in an interview last week with the Gazette editor, said that the Anglican Communion today was “quite close to being dysfunctional”, adding that the Communion’s instruments “clearly are not working as effectively as they need to”.
Dr Giddings, who gave the interview in Armagh during the Church of Ireland General Synod at which he was an official visitor, was referring to the ongoing difficulties in inter-Anglican relations centring on the issue of same-sex relationships, which became critical following the consecration in 2003 of the partnered gay Bishop Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire.
The crisis deepened further last year, when the partnered lesbian Bishop Mary Glasspool was consecrated as an assistant bishop in Los Angeles. Explaining the current position in the Church of England regarding the reception of the proposed Anglican Covenant, which aims to make Anglican provinces more accountable to one another, Dr Giddings explained that it had been sent to all the dioceses for approval and would only return to the English General Synod if a majority of the diocesan synods accepted it.
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