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By Lisa Severine Nolland, CEN

A recent conference on Children,Teenagers and Sex in Today’s Society had as its objectives:  “to inform and equip parents, teachers, youth workers and church leaders to handle the issues of sex more effectively and challenge the prevailing culture”. Sponsored by local churches in conjunction with Anglican Mainstream, 60 or so concerned individuals met to do just that on a beautiful spring day in Plymouth. Richard Bache, teacher, lay reader and in-training for NSM, was its convener.
Live classical music and worship helped balance the disturbing messages delivered by the speakers. Contributions of various organizations like evaluate, Lovewise, Challenge Team, CORE Issues, Family Education Trust and Christian Concern provided delegates with a broad perspective of organizations helping to support individuals struggling with the issues raise and those campaigning for change.
Speakers included the Revd Prof Dale Kuehne, author of Sex and the iWorld, Dr Trevor Stammers, Programme Director in Medical Ethics and Law at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, Pippa Smith of Safermedia, Richard Bache and myself.
Dale began with a sobering ‘We stand on the threshold of an inconceivable age’ address in which he demonstrated the deficits of the secular individualistic ideology so prominent today. I presented a graphic ‘Show and tell’ of mainstream sexual ‘health’ messages which promote unsafe, immoral and perverse sex. Trevor described how sexual mythology is as alive and well in sex education today as ever it was in Victorian times, an honest and well-informed discussion of the risks and consequences of teen sex is rarely to be found. Richard analyzed the insidious impact of certain aspects of the media on children and Pippa gave a harrowing session on pornography, an industry which has exploded but also degenerated to such a degree that it almost makes ‘Page 3’ look innocent.

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