frgavin on June 9th, 2011
Perhaps one of the biggest problems in South Africa as well. The result seen in millions of single mothers abandoned by men not prepared to be men. FrGavin

June 8th

By Peter J Smith, LifeSite News

Former Reagan Education Secretary Bill Bennett suggested to conservatives gathered in the nation’s capital on Saturday that the moral restoration of the United States demands solving an identity crisis among American males.

“We need to bring that word ‘virtues’ back and put the word ‘values’ on the shelf,” said Bennett, a radio host, conservative commentator, and author of the Book of Virtues, to religious conservative activists gathered for the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s conference in downtown Washington, D.C.

Bennett said that he has written a new book for the decade, “The Book of Man,” which is aimed at teaching boys key lessons on the path to manhood.

“We have a man problem in American society, and we need to address it,” Bennett said.

Bennett cited figures showing a decline in male participation in the workforce, education, and life commitments.

“Men are not marrying, not making the commitments in the way at they used to,” Bennett added.

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