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By Chuck Colson, Breakpoint

In his book, The Right Questions, former Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson tells of a liberal professor at a very politically correct university. The professor and his wife considered themselves “feminists against homophobia,” and were quite willing to apply their views to their own family.

Had their son told them he was gay, they would have eagerly affirmed him. But they were shocked at what their son actually did tell them: That he was transgendered.

What did this mean? As Johnson recalls in his book, the son answered: “It means I’m a girl. I want to wear dresses and makeup and challenge the whole patriarchal, bourgeois idea of gender.”

The parents went into a panic because that very evening they were expecting prominent dinner guests, who “might think their son was making a fool of himself and his parents,” Johnson writes.

To the parents’ relief, their son dressed normally. But after dinner, the son explained that he had picked up the concept of transgender from the same books his dad assigned to his students.

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