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By Chuck Colson, LifeSite News

Proponents of so-called same-sex “marriage” often argue that same-sex marriage is inevitable and that legalizing these unions, by whatever means, represents a codification of popular opinion.

I say “by whatever means” because of the inconvenient truth that every time the issue has been put to a vote, so-called same-sex “marriage” has lost. So far 31 states have voted to uphold traditional marriage. The inevitability argument is actually intended to give judges, including the Supreme Court, cover for imposing by fiat what the voters have explicitly rejected.

To that end, you can expect proponents to hype any evidence, however bogus, that people have become resigned to the “inevitable.”

That’s what happened, by the way, a few weeks ago to my good friend Jim Daly at Focus on the Family. He was interviewed by World Magazine, and at one point Daly was asked about same-sex “marriage” and the church. He contrasted the success of the pro-life movement among young people with the lack of success defenders of traditional marriage have had with young people. He said, “we’ve probably lost that.”

The response by same-sex “marriage” proponents was swift: Salon magazine proclaimed “Focus on the Family head basically gives up on fighting gay marriage.” The Daily Kos announced that “Hate group Focus on the Family admits defeat on gay marriage.” Mother Jones’s take was that Daly “seems to be waving the white flag.”

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