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The Razor Newspaper
June  2011

Archbishop Orombi and other clergy at a recent function in Rukungiri (PPU PHOTO)

The government should ensure that low income earners in the country are the greatest beneficiaries when the national budget is read today, Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi has said.

Orombi, who took over as the new chairman of the Uganda Joint Christian Council on Wednesday last week, said: “The budget should favour the common man who has suffered most during this critical time of high fuel prices.”

His call comes a few days before new Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka presents her maiden budget to Parliament. Orombi took over leadership from Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga as the leader of the ecumenical body that brings together Roman Catholics, Anglicans and the Orthodox Church in Uganda.

“The family is the basic unit of society; hence it deserves special economic protection. Many families live in abject poverty. As a result they are not in a position to access basic social services, including education and medical services,” he said.

During their annual meeting in Kampala, the clerics said they would reach out to different political leaders with a message of “love, justice, peace and reconciliation”.

Meanwhile, UJCC regretted the loss of lives during the walk-to-work demos, underscoring the importance of respecting human rights and upholding the rule of law.

“We call upon the government to ensure respect for the sanctity of life,” Orombi said on behalf of UJCC. The clerics also denounced circumcision as the new measure to fight HIV/Aids. “If we are going to fear HIV/Aids, we need to be morally upright. Married people should remain faithful. Abstinence is the only solution to the spread of Aids,” Orombi said.

He said there was a need for all citizens to combat the spread of HIV/Aids adding: “Aids, including lack of anti-retroviral drugs, is tearing apart many families”.

Orombi appealed to the youth to desist from sexual intercourse if they were to reap from their investment in education. “We all know sex is a gift from God. And we know there is fire burning inside you to let it out. But inside you, there is that extinguisher that should enable you to cool that sexual fire,” he said.

FOOTNOTE TO THIS STORY: It has been the accusation of Episcopal and some European Anglican church leaders that Global South Anglican leaders are socially irrelevant. This was a charge often made by Washington Bishop John Chane. It is a lie. These Anglican leaders are as concerned for the souls of their people as they are for their bodily welfare.

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