July 2011

Richard Coekin, Director of Co-Mission

England is increasingly secularised and hostile to Christian faith and ethics and is consequently suffering immense social damage. It needs to be re-evangelised with the spectacular saving grace and transforming hope of the gospel of Christ crucified, risen and returning in glory. This is the cause to which the Anglican Mission in England (A.M.I.E.) is clearly committed.

The Church of England has tremendous opportunities and resources to “make disciples of all nations” for Christ in England. But sadly, it has been moving along a theologically liberal trajectory. This is evident from a loss of confidence in basic Biblical doctrine concerning the uniquely saving substitutionary death, bodily resurrection and final judgement of Jesus Christ, a growing tolerance of homosexual practice in the churches and the failure adequately to provide for those unable to accept the oversight of women bishops. Such widespread departure from the saving power of the Biblical gospel in the Church of England has inevitably resulted in sustained and serious decline in its mission and in distraction by schismatic questioning of fundamental principles of Christian faith. A.M.I.E. will thankfully be committed to strengthening confidence in ministry that is shaped by the Biblical gospel of God as the power of God for the conversion of England.

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