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From Dr Philip Giddings to Rev Benny Hazlehurst

1.  The Open Letter says:

“We read with surprise Anglican Mainstream’s ‘A response to the House of Bishops’ announcement of a review of its Guidelines on Human Sexuality’. It is wholly inaccurate that ‘This review followed a year of conversations chaired by the Bishops of Lincoln and Bath and Wells, commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with leaders of the Lesbian and Gay groups in the Church of England.’  Neither the Coalition nor any of its member groups were invited to take part in conversations of this kind.”

In response I can only say that I am astonished at your surprise.   It is a matter of public record that Lesbian and Gay groups took part in the conversations.   The Archbishop of Canterbury convened two groups from mid 2010: one was of ‘conservative’ groups and was chaired by the Bishop of Birmingham (and Anglican Mainstream, amongst others, contributed to it);  the other was of ‘liberal’ groups including Changing Attitude which was chaired by the now retired Bishop of Lincoln. The conversations were clearly with leaders of Lesbian and Gay groups.  For example,  on September 22nd 2010 Colin Coward reported on Changing Attitude blog:  The Archbishop of Canterbury appointed two groups with four bishops in each, one broadly conservative, the other broadly liberal, which John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln and CA patron, has convened.  He asked Changing Attitude to send our thoughts and after consulting with our local groups and supporters online, the following comments have been forwarded . . .

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