Letter to the Church of Ireland Gazette

Bishop Jefferts Schori’s comparison of Zimbabwe with San Joaquin and Fort Worth is disgraceful and outrageous (Gazette report, 12th August, page 1).

In 2007 and 2008, the Diocesan Conventions of San Joaquin and Fort Worth voted overwhelmingly to leave the US Episcopal Church ( TEC). In both cases, the bishops made it clear that any parishes (seven in San Joaquin and eight in Fort Worth) wishing to stay with TEC could do so and retain all their property.

The Constitution and Canons of TEC do not allow metropolitical powers to the presiding Bishop. Nevertheless, she interfered in both dioceses by inhibiting the bishops through a misuse of Title IV (originally passed to inhibit bishops who became Roman Catholics).

The Standing Committees (the ecclesiastical authority in the diocese in the absence of a bishop) objected. She declared them deposed and called Special Conventions with the small minorities of continuing TEC members.

Rival bishops and Standing Committees were elected so that, masquerading as the true dioceses, they could sue Bishops Schofield and Iker, as well as vestries, individuals and parishes (not the diocese – that would be an admission that the plaintiffs were not the true diocesan authorities). Iker is even being sued for using his own episcopal seal!

There have been no physical violence, beatings, murders or threats made by either Bishop Iker or Bishop Schofield. They have acted in accordance with their own diocesan Canons and procedures.

To compare these godly pastors to Kunonga is propaganda worthy of Goebbels.

The presiding Bishop, on the other hand, is relentlessly suing congregations for their buildings and property, instigating and funding vindictive lawsuits and even refusing to allow parishes to buy their own properties.

Bill Atkins (Canon) Mohill Rectory Mohill Co. Leitrim

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