As Israel buries her dead, Gaza continues to fire her rockets and mortars

The dead were the Fogel family (that is, Udi, 37, and Ruthie, 36, and their children, Yoav, 11, who was attacked and murdered while he read in bed; Elad, four, who was stabbed twice in the heart; and baby Hadas, just three months old, whose throat was slit as she slept). They got a brief mention on the BBC website, but not without Auntie mentioning en passant that ‘there are almost 500,000 settlers living on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Settlements are regarded as illegal under international law although Israel disputes this.’ The BBC has to be balanced, you see. To be clear, the Fogels were slaughtered because they were living on occupied Palestinian land in an illegal settlement. It’s causal, you see.

It also explains why the mortars and Qasaam rockets continue to rain down into Israel’s Negev region, and why a poor Bedouin woman now has shrapnel in her legs. She is the wife of a shepherd from Be’er Sheva who tends his flock in the area. But instead of an angel of the Lord coming down to shine glory all around, this shepherd got a missile and quite a lot of mighty dread. “Tomorrow,” he says, “it could fall in a development. We must not give up, we rely on the IDF to know how to respond.”

Rocket and mortar attacks are on the rise again in the region, and they are fired indiscriminately. It matters not if they kill or injure men, women or children; military or civilian; Jew or Muslim. Like the man convicted of murdering the Fogels, the jihadi-Islamists of Gaza don’t really mind where their little firework display lands or who gets injured or killed: all they care about is terrorising the Jewish State and ending the Zionist conspiracy. Yes, Gazan jihadi ideology is understandable; excusable, even, because Israel is the illegitimate state and occupying power, and the Jews are the main obstacle to world peace. It’s causal, you see.

So, the next time you hear BBC reports of an attack by the IDF upon Gaza, with streaming footage of Palestinian blood and detailed commentary of bombed hospitals and schools, try to imagine the 20, 30 or 40 deadly mortars and rockets which preceded the raid. They’ll have been fired towards Ashkelon, Pit’hat Shalom and Shaar HaNegev, with the intention of wiping out, inshallah, Israeli civilians of whatever gender, age or creed. It won’t have been reported, of course. But it’s causal.

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