I believe I voice the opinion of many biblical faithful Anglicans in expressing gratitude for the strong leadership that the Global South Primates exercise. The communiqué from their recent meeting in China not only takes a firm stand against the theological deviations and unbiblical practices that parts of the Anglican communion promote but also commits to renewal of the communion and advancement of Christian mission.

I hope that the Global South Primates took the opportunity to convey to their Chinese hosts that biblically faithful Christianity is committed to the unity, stability and prosperity of nations .I recall the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury  to China in 2006. It was reported that he pressed the Chinese authorities about reports of harassment and even persecution of Christians and other religious groups in China. It is my hope that the obviously cordial relationship that developed between the Primates and their Chinese hosts would have made it possible for the Primates  to share concerns about the problems faced by  Roman Catholics and House churches in China.

It is right to acknowledge that freedom of religion is a reality in China and commend the state for allowing churches to continue with their ministry. It is also right to continue to challenge the Chinese government to see all Christian churches  in China as resources for national development and unity. I am sure the Primates would have shared this concern wisely.

Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.

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