frgavin on September 12th, 2011

From News Letter

THE leader of the Church of Ireland has acknowledged that there has been a lack of leadership from its bishops as he attempts to prevent a split over a cleric’s same-sex relationship.

Archbishop Alan Harper accepted criticism – from both sides in the debate over clergy in gay partnerships – that the church’s position had been confused since the News Letter revealed that the Very Rev Tom Gordon had entered a civil partnership.

The archbishop, who is abroad, said he was “very, very concerned at the potential for division” within the church. However, he made clear that he will not yet be giving his view on whether it is sinful or natural for clergy to enter into civil partnerships.

Supporters and opponents of same-sex unions for clergy have called on the church’s bishops, who have been silent on the issue, to provide leadership.

But both sides want the bishops to take starkly different positions.

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