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I hope that Anglicans in Southern Africa will both read and take Bishop Anderson’s message very seriously indeed. Many clergy and laity of our churches bask in abysmal and apathetic ignorance, and perhaps nothing but the parousia will wake us up? Though by then it will be much much too late. Note especially the highlighted paragraphs

Message from Bishop David Anderson

Beloved in Christ,

I write to you this week on the road from the California coast, enjoying a brief respite from the hot Atlanta summer. Next week, I will not file a report since I will be in surgery and recovery. Although I will be out of the office for awhile, until the surgeon clears me for travel, I will endeavor to file reports from home in the following weeks. My prayer is that the surgery will correct a deterioration in a hip that has increasingly bothered me since the mid 1990’s.

One of the difficulties in the conservative/liberal or, alternatively, orthodox/revisionist attempts to dialogue, discuss, and find any common ground on the theological and sexuality issues tearing the Anglican Church apart has been a determination of the revisionists to deceive those taking part and let them believe that the dialogue actually matters. That leaves the orthodox with the feeling that the dialogue (an earlier form of today’s Indaba Process), is for show only, with those who have an agenda to redirect the church’s faith busily working behind the scenes while ignoring the dialoging.

In the same sense, in the late 1960’s, North Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh burned through months of useless talk at the Paris Peace Table, keeping US diplomats thinking that something worthwhile would come forth, and all the while he was moving vast amounts of armaments and troops south through the jungle. It never was about conversation, it was about deception. So the conversation, dialogue and now Indaba have been and are all about deception.

On Mary Ailes’ blog, she reports on lesbian activist and Episcopal priest Susan Russell’s recent admission that eleven years ago, at the 2000 Episcopal Church General Convention, she and other homosexual activists in the Episcopal Church manipulated the process, the debate and the legislative protocol, to deceive, so that they could covertly advance their cause. Go to Mary Ailes’ blog and read it there, then follow it back to Ms. Russell’s own article, where she spills the beans on their dishonesty (although she would call it “strategy”).

All of the Indaba, dialogue, and conversation is geared to deceive the orthodox, so that Susan “Ho Chi Minh” Russell and others could be advancing their homosexual agenda in the Anglican Church while slowing down the opposition with “conversation and compromise.” This spiritual cancer on the soul of Anglicanism is rapidly spreading to other provinces, and as with cancer in the body, surgical removal is either timely done or the patient dies.

It appears that the American Episcopal Church’s influence is close to overrunning the province of Southern Africa and that will be used as a bridgehead to the balance of the African continent. Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori will be an honored guest at the Synod of Bishops meeting later this month as the province seeks to develop Pastoral Guidelines in relation to same-gender civil unions. The only solution may be to create a faithful remnant in opposition to the Canterbury-approved heterodoxy.

We should view everything that the revisionists do and say in light of Ms. Russell’s expose of her own group’s rampant and purposeful deception. Dr. Rowan Williams’ Indaba is a part of this, and you should be no less deceived by Dr. Williams than by the spider who invited the fly to come and rest awhile. They do not mean what they say, but they do mean what they won’t say, to destroy your soul and turn you from the one who alone can save your soul.

Beware, Satan is as a roaring lion looking for whom he can devour.

May our Lord Jesus protect and defend you through all of these difficult days.

Blessings and peace in Christ Jesus,

The Rt. Rev. David C. Anderson, Sr.
President and CEO, American Anglican Council

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