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Bishop Mark LawrenceBy Julian Mann, Virtueonline

No confessional reader of the New Testament could be in any doubt about the nature of the force behind TEC’s persecution of the Bishop of South Carolina, the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence.

A Bible-believing, Gospel-proclaiming bishop seeks to lead a TEC diocese forward in spiritual renewal and evangelism. Progress is made; churches are turned around; effective clergy are deployed. The light of Jesus Christ is shining as his saving Word of truth goes out through an episcopal diocese.

Who acts to disrupt this? Not the national or state government hamstringing the ministry of churches through the imposition of political correctness or even an anti-Christian pressure group in South Carolina but the diocese’s own denomination – the TEC National Church.

Make no mistake – TEC’s officious legal move to depose Mark Lawrence is destabilising of an effective ministry. Local churches in the diocese of South Carolina enter a period of uncertainty as to what will happen to their properties if they do what they should do – support their bishop. Orthodox clergy face demoralisation with the prospect of losing their patron and having him replaced with a revisionist placeperson.

God willing, TEC would lose in a legal battle over the properties if South Carolina churches stand firm for Mark Lawrence. But with the ‘abandonment’ investigation launched and lawyers involved the destabilisation process is underway.

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