A high profile assault on a goat has encouraged Florida lawmakers to outlaw bestialityBy Tim Stanley, Telegraph

Last Saturday, the state of Florida finally banned sex with animals. It’s hard to believe that it’s taken so long, but it wasn’t a big issue before now. A rash of cases heavily reported in local tabloids convinced the state legislature that something needed to be done. A 54-year-old was arrested in June after his grandson walked into a bedroom and discovered him attempting to mate with the family bulldog. In 2009, a Panhandle man asphyxiated a goat while trying to have sex with it (protestors at his trial wore t-shirts that read “Baaa means no!”) and in 2005 a lonely blind man was caught in flagrante with his guide dog.
Every society has its tragic perverts. What makes this new generation of bestialists different is their political and cultural savvy. They have latched onto the language of “rights” and are trying to identify themselves with other sexual minorities. Michele Bachmann must be overjoyed. This somewhat validates the Christian Right’s prediction that the campaign for gay equality has accidentally opened the door to some far freakier demands.
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