TEC will be out of business in 26 years figures reveal

By David W. Virtue

2010 attendance figures for the Episcopal Church reveal a denomination in steep decline.

Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) in 2009 was 682,963. In 2010, ASA was 657,831, a decrease of 25,132.

The 10-year change in attendance has seen a decrease of 23%.

57% of all churches have lost more than 10% of their attendees in the last 5 years.

Median attendance per church has gone from 72 in 2006 to 65 in 2010, pushing many more churches below the threshold of the required number of attendees to support running a parish and to pay clergy.

54% of churches had fewer people attending in 2010 vs. 2009. Annual attendance declines are accelerating across the board.

The decline was 3% in 2006, 2008, and 2009. It was 5% in 2007 and is now back at 4% for 2010. This points to a widespread decline across the whole church.

The decline cannot be blamed on a few churches/dioceses leaving the denomination.

The gospel of lawsuits doesn’t seem to be winning any converts and is slowly hemorrhaging viable dioceses. Active homosexual laity, priests and two bishops have failed to draw in anticipated crowds.

Among the biggest losers are churches in Province 3 (-6.3%) Diocese of Bethlehem
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania
Diocese of Delaware
Diocese of Easton
Diocese of Maryland
Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania
Diocese of Pennsylvania
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Diocese of Southern Virginia
Diocese of Southwestern Virginia
Diocese of Virginia
Diocese of Washington
Diocese of West Virginia

and Province 1 (-5.4%).

Diocese of Connecticut
Diocese of Maine
Diocese of Massachusetts
Diocese of New Hampshire
Diocese of Rhode Island
Diocese of Vermont
Diocese of Western Massachusetts

Current overall attendance stands at 657,831.

If the trend, of an average of 25,798 fewer attendees per year that we have seen over the last 5 years, continues, in 26 years there will no longer be anyone attending an Episcopal church.

Latest charts can be seen here:

and here:
http://www.dfms.org/documents Episcopal_Overview_FACT_2010.pdf

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