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Port Elizabeth (South Africa) baby raised from the dead

Friday, November 25th, 2011

David Hobson writing in Gateway News
November 2011

Recently a seriously ill PE baby went into cardiac arrest and died at hospital. But two hours later, after a prayer of faith, baby Joash came back to life. David Hobson, who was on the scene shortly after the baby recovered, spoke to the infant’s parents and one of the attending doctors. This is his testimony.

On the 3rd of November little Joash was raised from the dead, and what a privilege it is, after gathering all the information and investigating the evidence, to share with you this amazing testimony of God’s goodness in the lives of my friends Sipho and Humfrie Mayanja.

I think of this testimony and remember the scripture in Revelation, “they overcame by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony.” May you overcome and be encouraged in your faith, hearing of how God raised little Joash from the dead. Our God is living and active, and He is King!

These incredible events all took place on Thursday the 3rd of November at Dora Ngiza Hospital. I , along with my friends Stephen and Sara Grewar, went to visit the hospital shortly afterwards, and we were able to record many of the details by speaking to Humfrie and Sipho, and also speaking to Dr Michelle Merrington, who was present and involved throughout the events.

That Thursday afternoon Sipho noticed that little Joash was really sick, with diarrhoea and other symptoms. So at about 4pm she and Humfrie took Joash to Dora Ngiza. Humfrie in sharing with me said he could tell Joash was not in a good way; his face was grey and it was clear this was not just a simple cold or flu. Joash was a premature baby, and so was also particularly vulnerable to sickness.

Once at Dora Nginza Hospital Joash’s health rapidly deteriorated, his condition being described as “critical” by Dr Michelle Merrington, one of the seven to eight doctors who were trying to save Joash. The doctors soon found a severe lung infection and after failed attempts to get Joash to respond, asked Sipho and Humfrie to leave the room due to the intensity of their efforts to keep Joash alive.

Before long, according to Dr Merrington, “Joash went into cardiac arrest, and stopped breathing.” In layman’s terms, Joash’s heart stopped beating, and he stopped breathing altogether. At this point, after many efforts to get Joash to respond to treatment, one of the doctors went outside to tell Humfrie and Sipho that there was nothing more they could do for Joash and that he was not responding to treatment. At this point blood samples were taken from Joash, and after testing, according to Dr Merrington, the blood tested showed to be that of a dead person.

According to Dr Merrington Joash died; his heart stopped, he stopped breathing and the acid levels in his blood clearly showed that he had died.

When the doctor told the baby’s parents the bad news that there was nothing they could do for Joash, Humfrie tells me he felt “a heavy spirit of death” descend upon him. Sipho also started feeling very sick. All but one of the doctors gave up on Joash, seeing that he was dead. The remaining doctor did not have much hope but stayed longer continuing to pump the oxygen and making other efforts to try and resuscitate Joash.

During this time Humfrie sent an sms to his good friend and elder, Vincent Rafferty of Oxygen Life Church. He said: “Joash needs all the prayer he can get right now.” Humfrie and Sipho tell me that they waited outside for approximately two hours after the doctors told them there was nothing more they could do — and so Joash had been dead for quite some time.

Vincent upon receiving the sms from Humfrie promptly phoned him, and on hearing the situation began to pray with Humfrie over the phone. He rebuked the spirit of death and prayed for Joash to be raised to life and that he would recover.

Humfrie tells me that after the prayer he immediately felt the heavy spirit that he had felt upon him, lift and leave. Soon afterwards the doctor who had persevered with the baby came back to them with joy saying that Joash had woken up and was breathing again.

Following antiobotic treatment and time in an incubator, Joash recovered rapidly. He is now in very good health and gaining weight and strength with every day. Thank you Jesus!!!

The morning after Joash’s miraculous recovery, one of the doctors asked Humfrie and Sipho if their baby had a name. When they told him their baby’s name was Joash, the doctor promptly “corrected” them saying: “No, you should call him Lazarus, because he was dead, and now he is alive.”

According to Dr. Merrington, the evidence clearly showed that Joash died, his heart stopped beating, he stopped breathing, and his blood was that of a corpse. He is clearly very much alive today thanks be to the incredible power and goodness of God. Our God is an awesome God “who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine, according to the power at work in us.” Be encouraged, God is good, He is faithful, and He is willing and more than able.

Anglicans rebuke Cameron over linking human rights to aid

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Paul and Christine Perkin and Chris Sugden

Church of England Newspaper 25 November. 2011

An Anglican Commonwealth Conference has issued a sharp rejoinder to David Cameron over his call to link the provision of aid to human rights.

The Divine Commonwealth Conference ( held in Abuja Nigeria earlier this month claimed his true agenda is to force the normalisation of homosexuality and gay marriage as a human right.

An estimated 5000 members of the Church of Nigeria attended the conference which is intended to be an annual event. The basis of participation was the Jerusalem Statement.

A team was invited from the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (UK and Ireland) and led by Bishop John Ellison the chair of the panel of bishops of the Anglican Mission in England. It consisted of the rectors of the “minster churches” of All Souls Langham Place, Jesmond Newcastle and St Mark’s Battersea Rise, together with senior leaders from St Helens Bishopsgate, of Holy Trinity Brompton and the Alpha Course, with the General Secretary of Crosslinks and the chair and past chair of the Barnabas Fund.

First stop for two members of the team was the Church of West Africa in Accra. Paul and Christine Perkin on a third meeting in two years with the West Africans led seven days of meetings with fifty bishops and clergy, and with clergy spouses and lay leaders. Paul and Christine led workshops with young couples and encountered a tremendous hunger for biblical teaching and practical guidance on marriage.

Issues that West Africans face include the predictable problems of health, education, poverty, housing, corruption and employment. In Ghana where there is relatively little tension between Christians and Muslims, the issues of marriage and family life as the foundation for a stable community have a familiar ring to us in the West.

The church of Ghana is finding its identity for today, having discovered a vibrant spiritual life in tension with an outwardly formal Anglicanism adopted over a century ago, and little changed since. Negotiating the transition to retain the best of the past and introduce a ministry relevant to the younger generation and distinctively African in culture will require a radical overhaul, but it is committed to the Jerusalem Declaration as its doctrinal anchor.

Archbishop Okoh, the Primate of all Nigeria, opening DIVCCON said that it was neither an Episcopal Synod, Clergy Conference, nor a gathering only of Anglicans or Nigerians – “it is the Body of Christ, the new humanity, the ecclesia of God, which is the divine commonwealth of God. ..It is a call apart for our spiritual rejuvenation and mutual edification, in an atmosphere of deep spirituality and learning.”

The programme continued the brand of GAFCON at Jerusalem in 2008. Bible Studies in groups of 150-200 began the day. Two plenary presentations followed by questions to the speakers filled the morning.

Afternoon seminars were often led by lay people and provoked lively interaction. Those on the recent violence in Northern Nigeria, on leadership and on church planting were world class. The evening ‘revival hour’ had vigorous preaching with an appeal and very vigorous worship.

Rev Hugh Palmer, rector of All Souls commented on the mixture of serious bible study, Pentecostal “overcoming” and facing up realistically to articulating as a church both their own possible weaknesses and those of the country.

Archbishop Okoh told the FCA (UK and Ireland) team at the close of DIVCCON: “We value your presence and your friendship. On our part we will do our best to connect with you in England.”

In response to questions about the issues of sexuality in the western churches. Archbishop Eliud Wabukala of Kenya, the chair of the Primates Council of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans reaffirmed the grief of the Global South Primates at the undermining of Scriptural authority in Anglican churches in the west with ordination and consecration of active gay and lesbian clergy and bishops. “We know where we stand, “ he said, “we have listened long enough.”

The DIVCCON conference statement said: “We were shocked by the recent statement from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Right Honourable David Cameron, to the effect that his Government would aid only those countries that adhere to ‘proper human rights’. It is clear that his true agenda is to force the normalization of homosexuality and gay marriage as a ‘human right’. While acknowledging the sacred worth of every human being we reject this erroneous notion as contrary to God’s intention for humankind and harmful to those he claims to protect. Another implication of this is that the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ is still being treated as a body of unequal partners, where, because of economic status, some nations are still vulnerable to manipulation. We urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to resist any such intimidation on this matter.”

Pictures, presentations and further information are on

The Rev Paul and Mrs Christine Perkin lead St Mark’s Church, Battersea Rise. Paul is chairman of FCA (UK and Ireland). Chris Sugden a Canon of Jos in the Church of Nigeria.

The full DIVCCON statement below is here at

OHIO: Madison Township Anglican church on move

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

By Betsy Scott
The News-Herald

St. Anne’s in-the-Fields in Madison Township has been ordered to relinquish its assets because it disaffiliated from the former Episcopal Church USA.

The repercussions of a rift in the Episcopal Church are being felt locally.

St. Anne’s in-the-Fields of Madison Township is one of five Ohio parishes court-ordered to relinquish its building and assets as a result of disaffiliating from the former Episcopal Church USA, now known as The Episcopal Church, or TEC.

The now-Anglican congregations disaffiliated in 2005 because of a conviction that the TEC leadership and denomination are moving away from biblical beliefs. In 2008, the Ohio Episcopal Diocese and TEC sued all five parishes for their buildings and certain belongings.

In September, after a three-year court battle, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Deena R. Calabrese ruled that the real and personal property belong to the Ohio Diocese and TEC.

The ruling was based on a canon of the denomination, which states that TEC congregations hold their buildings and possessions “in trust” for their local diocese and TEC.

“What we have bought and paid for over the years as a congregation with our own money and sweat equity is not ours at all – it belongs to the denomination,” said the Rev. Kelly Irish, pastor of St. Anne’s.

“It is like the United States government telling individual, taxpaying citizens that everything we have bought and paid for with our own dollars ultimately belongs to the government.”

By court order, the parishes had 60 days to turn over the keys, vacate their buildings, and leave behind most of their possessions.

“We knew from the start that our decision to leave TEC could result in eviction, but we had no other choice than to follow the unchanging truth of God’s Word and realign ourselves with a majority of worldwide Anglicans who still hold fast to the ‘faith once delivered to the saints,’ ” Irish said.

“While we are saddened by the decision of the court, we know it was the right thing to do.”

Martha Wright, communications director for the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, said, “When someone decides to leave the church, we have to decide who the property belongs to … and the way the Episcopal Church is structured, the properties are held in trust by each diocese.”

Since 2000, about 200 churches have left TEC – at least 100 of those since the denomination’s General Convention 2003, according to the American Anglican Council. That was the year that a majority of diocese bishops from across the denomination approved an openly gay clergyman, the Right Rev. Gene Robinson, as bishop of his New Hampshire diocese.

Irish said that was merely “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“Unfortunately, that’s always the story that gets told, but it’s been happening over 30, 40, 50 years in the Episcopal Church – a movement away from the core values of our faith that make us Christian,” he said.

Wright disagreed that ordaining a gay bishop is a move away from core biblical values.

“Obviously, we have a difference of opinion about that,” she said.

St. Anne’s congregation – about 180 active members – is leaving its Middle Ridge Road home of 53 years, but will continue worship services and ministry at 2300 Hubbard Road in Madison Township, in the second-floor Youth Center of Cornerstone Friends Church.

“Cornerstone has graciously opened their doors to us in our time of need and provided us with ample worship, classroom, office and storage space,” Irish said. “After looking at several viable options, including the possibility of sharing space with other local congregations, it was clear that God’s hand was leading us to Cornerstone.”

“We as a people are the Church,” he added. “For sure, we know we must respect Judge Calabrese’s decision, but we also know that God is sovereign over all earthly authorities and, ultimately, He has allowed us to be dispossessed from our property. We will trust God and seek to glorify Him by leaving with integrity.”

Services will be at 10 a.m. in the new facility, starting Dec. 4. Parking and entrance are behind the building.


Thursday, November 24th, 2011

With Apologies to C.S. Lewis

By David W. Virtue

My dear Wormwood,

The news is quite alarming. We hear that this Jefferts Schori woman deliberately received a known pederast priest into the Episcopal Church when she was Bishop of Nevada and now she has been found out. This could prove disastrous to our side and the cause she and we believe in. We insist that you move all hell (if you’ll pardon the pun) to ensure she is not charged or brought to trial for her actions. It would be a huge loss to our side if this was to happen and she was tossed out of The Episcopal Church.

Make sure the House of Bishops is duly cowed into silence – the silence of the Episcopal lamikins. If anyone has the stomach to rise up and charge her based on the new canons, which were pushed and promoted by her, it would be disastrous. Make sure that all the dark and dirty secrets of bishops that Bethlehem Bishop Paul Marshall hinted at are used to keep them quiet and acquiescent. Make sure that Bishop Clayton Matthews, Jefferts Schori’s Consigliere for bad boy bishops and knows all the secrets, kicks into high gear. The code of omerta must be in play. See that someone sends him a new pair of thumbscrews for anyone who gets out of line.

We need her, Wormwood. She is doing marvelous work undermining their precious gospel. Now that she is exporting the Episcopal Church’s Culture Wars into Africa, she is needed now, more than ever. We could not have created her. Her recent denial of the Incarnation was sweet music to our ears.

It would appear that the newly installed Bishop of Washington Mariann Budde is giving the New Age movement a push right into the heart of TEC. A budding Aquarian if ever there was one. I see the future of the cathedral Wormwood with anti-Christian movements such as Focusing: Doorway to the body-life of spirit, Reiki training, Eco-Spirituality, Star in My Heart with Sophia and She is God, Reflexology, Praying with Kabir, Centering Prayer, The Enneagram, Dancing with the Cosmos, Creation-Centered Spirituality using Matthew Fox’s work. If they haven’t already openly denied the deity of Him they soon will. The crushing determination of our father will have them all in our camp. Hell awaits.

That those foolish evangelical Africans allowed a communications unit into the CAPA offices in Nairobi was a major coup for our side. The ACC types in London and TEC in New York and Integrity in Calipornia will use it to push the West’s pansexual Anglican agenda and “Listening Process” right down their throats at every opportunity with stories of aggrieved homosexuals and lesbians. Oh the pain!

Keep the pressure on the bishop of South Carolina. The most important thing is dissension within the ranks. We hear there are three groups forming now. There are, of course, the Forum dissenters who believe in the Episcopal Church come hell or high water. Then there is the bulk of the diocese that will follow Mark Lawrence whatever he and they decide. (We hear that it is to the Middle East and Bishop Mouneer.) Then there is a third group ready to blow the diocese and perhaps link up with the ACNA or some other Anglican jurisdiction. Anything you can do to divide is to our liking, but be aware that the conservative blogs are making hay out of the fact that while Jefferts Schori goes after Lawrence on the newly minted Title IV canons, she herself could face charges. Go lightly, Wormwood, but carry a big stick.

The most important thing is to keep the masquerade of orthodoxy alive. Phrases like “generous orthodoxy” maintain the illusion; linguistic conjuror’s tricks are our specialty.

The recent interview given by former PB Frank Griswold that TEC and the other mainline denominations are going through a “desert time” was such sweet music to our father’s ears, that he drank a newly corked pint of Bishop Walter Righter’s blood. The cackles of glee could be heard all over hell. These poor fools have no idea what they are saying and doing, the damage they are doing or where it is all heading! It’s as if they have blinders on to the hell they have created on earth and the ultimate hell they will fall into after they have died.

That they believe that they can actually overturn the moral order and survive has been their downfall. Their blindness in the face of continued church losses, at times, boggles our father’s mind, and let me tell you that that is hard to do. Stalin, Hitler, Il Duce, Marx, Engels, Freud and Ayn Rand were easy targets, especially Freud, Marx and Rand who were Jews. When Jews lose their religion, they become the worst tyrants, Wormwood. Upend the intelligentsia and the crowds will follow like sheep. Money, sex and power remain our best weapons, but the subversion of the Faith is our primary objective. You must be as cunning as The Serpent in the Garden who, of course, taught us everything.

It was Marx who overturned the political order and brought the Soviet Union to a standstill for 72 years. More than 60 million people were killed under Joseph Stalin. Freud, the father of sexual liberation, was dubbed by our father as the “godfather of AIDS”, a real treasure I might add. Ayn Rand, the high priestess of economic Darwinism, made a god of greed that brought about the collapse of the markets in 2008 with disciples like Alan Greenspan aiding and abetting her philosophy.

Of course, this did have the adverse effect of many turning back to Him in their hours of anguish and loss, but the damage done to greed was only temporary.

It is the religious types, specifically Christians that we want subverted and their foul doctrines overturned. That is our biggest challenge and foremost objective, Wormwood. Couple that subversion with the rise of Islam and we will see the decline of the West continue in helter-skelter fashion.

Progressing from ecumenicity to interfaith alliances has been a short step in a continued downward spiral.

What you must seek to do is to neutralize the claims of Him by talk of equality among all religions. His uniqueness is what undermines us. Here is where your unique skills come in, Wormwood.

Draw religious leaders together in gabfests around the world. Let all the leaders come in their various robes and look the part. Let them bow and scrape to one another and give papers on peace, love and justice, but under no circumstances must talk of Him be mentioned. If His name comes up, neutralize it by talk of Him being the friend of all with discrimination for none. Let him be named as a Great Teacher, a humble servant, a great philosopher, a lover of all mankind but under no circumstances must words like atonement and “peace with God through Him….” and expressions like “being washed clean in the blood of the Lamb” come from their throats. That is the language of exclusivity and it must be avoided at all costs. Images of the cross, which we have effectively neutralized in movies and with muscle-bound idiots and teenagers, who have them tattooed into their skin, are now a caricature. It’s the serious Christian players that you must undermine…those evangelicals and Catholics who still take their religion seriously. They must be undermined at all costs. One of the most advantageous moves is to keep them arguing among themselves; it deflects them from their real mission. The Ordinariate is just a side show.

When the Pope went to Germany and Austria, recently, and began his pilgrimage with a talk to Lutherans, our father was apoplectic with rage. That is NOT the kind of thing we want to see happen. That IS the kind of ecumenicity our father and the council of Hades find threatening. If the orthodox of all Christian denominations start talking seriously about what holds them together – namely the faith itself — we are doomed, Wormwood.

We read with horror what that wretched Duncan fellow said in Pittsburgh recently. He revealed that Anglican congregations are in partnership with Methodist congregations, Presbyterian congregations, Non-denominational congregations, and Catholic congregations for new homes and meeting places, and even some shared ministries. “We meet here in this Benedictine Abbey and College as a sign of what has happened. God has provided new friends and encouragers for our post-exodus journey. We are much more – yet possessing much less – than we were before.”

This is our worst nightmare, Wormwood. Liberalism and revisionism are forcing alliances on the other side that we could not have envisaged and it is deeply troubling to the Council of Hades who met in special conclave recently to consider the matter. We may have to put more demons onto the situation.

Mind how you go, Wormwood. Our father is not above punishing even his best agents for failure and, truly, you do not want to cross him.

I remain your affectionate uncle,


Pope on AIDS: ‘above all it is an ethical problem’ requiring ‘change of behaviour’

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

By John-Henry Westen, LifeSite News

On Sunday, at the closing Mass of his visit to Africa, Pope Benedict XVI presented a document – Africae Munus – to chart evangelization of the continent in the coming years. The 55-page document contained strong admonitions on protecting life from conception to natural death and on the sacredness of the family.

Regarding HIV/AIDS, which has brought untold death and suffering to Africa, the Holy Father said that while the Church has encouraged a medical and pharmaceutical response, the problem goes deeper. “Above all, it is an ethical problem,” he said. “The change of behaviour that it requires – for example, sexual abstinence, rejection of sexual promiscuity, fidelity within marriage – ultimately involves the question of integral development, which demands a global approach and a global response from the Church.”

Pope Benedict added: “For if it is to be effective, the prevention of AIDS must be based on a sex education that is itself grounded in an anthropology anchored in the natural law and enlightened by the word of God and the Church’s teaching.”

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SAVANNAH, GA: State Supreme Court Rules in favor of Episcopal Church and Diocese of Georgia in Christ Church Property Dispute

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Christ Church will review the ruling and meet to determine next course of action which could include an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, says priest

By David W. Virtue

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled in favor of The Episcopal Church in its case against Christ Church today in a four-year dispute over property ownership that began in 2007.

The Court, which heard the case on May 9, 2011, affirmed the Georgia Court of Appeals’ July 2010 ruling in favor of the Episcopal Church. That ruling upheld Superior Court Judge Michael L. Karpf’s October 27, 2009 judgment that the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia is entitled to legal possession of the historic Christ Church building and other Church assets for the benefit of those who remain in the Diocese and The Episcopal Church.

“While we are grateful that a third court has upheld our legal rights to the property held in trust for The Episcopal Church for more than 200 years, whatever satisfaction we feel in prevailing in the courts is muted by the knowledge that this decision is painful for some of our brothers and sisters in Christ,” Bishop Scott Anson Benhase said referring to the congregation that disaffiliated from The Episcopal Church while continuing to occupy church property.

Benhase added, “As Christians we know that even those with whom we disagree are also seeking to follow Jesus faithfully. While we were forced to take action when the breakaway congregation deprived the thriving congregation of Christ Church Episcopal of the property we hold in trust for them on Johnson Square, we know that both groups share faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world.”

The litigation has been ongoing since 2007 when 87% of Christ Church (CC) members in good standing voted to uphold the unanimous decision of its board to disaffiliate from The Episcopal Church (TEC) because of its revisionist theological trends over the last several decades.

In an effort to seize the property, TEC subsequently sued Christ Church, its rector and individual board members. TEC’s 1979 passage of the Dennis Canon claims a unilateral trust over all property of Episcopal churches nationwide without regard to title or state property laws. Christ Church has owned the Johnson Square property since the 1700s, first by land grant from the English Royal Council, and, after the Revolutionary War, by a charter of incorporation from the 1789 Georgia state legislature.

“Christ Church has always maintained clear title to the property and has never agreed to hold its property in trust for any entity. We are reviewing the ruling and will meet to determine our next course of action which could include an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if warranted,” stated Jim Gardner, CC legal counsel. “At its core this case is about fundamental property rights of individual congregations in hierarchical churches,” he continued.

In his dissenting opinion, Judge S. Phillip Brown described the majority decision with these words: “Today’s majority opinion effectively eviscerates many of Georgia’s property laws, trust laws, and equity laws…”

“The Episcopal Church has sought to exploit the judicial system in an attempt to coerce local congregations to accept its revisionist theology,” stated David Reeves, Christ Church board chairman. “Our congregation is one of 57 individual congregations and 3 dioceses (groups of congregations) nationwide that have been sued by TEC. The conflict has been about our determination for God’s truth with all of its consequences and TEC’s will to embrace ever-changing interpretations of the historic Christian faith,” Mr. Reeves continued.

“Should Christ Church not have access to its property during any appeal process, Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) in downtown Savannah has graciously offered to allow us to hold services in their building,” noted Mr. Reeves.

Marc Robertson, Christ Church Rector added, “We are gratified and encouraged by the outpouring of support from the Christian community here in Savannah, as exemplified by the offer from IPC. As revisionist theology continues to make inroads into other mainstream denominations we foresee more opportunities for joining in fellowship and service with those congregations that adhere to the historic Christian faith. Throughout the last four years Christ Church has refused to allow the litigation to become the sole focus of its mission and ministry. Those efforts will continue even though our congregation may not have access to our property.”

A service of thanksgiving for all of the Lord’s provision for us during these last four years is scheduled for Monday, November 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. at Christ Church on Johnson Square. “It is our sincere hope that all those individuals and congregations who have so graciously supported us through this process will join us,” explained Robertson.

Girl Guides considers dropping God from members’ promise

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Robert Baden PowellBy Murray Wardrop, Telegraph

Children may be stopped from pledging their devotion to God when joining the Girl Guides following complaints that it discriminates against non-Christians.

Girls wanting to become Guides, Brownies or Rainbows currently promise to “love” God when signing up to the 101-year-old organisation.

However, the association is considering reviewing the wording of its affirmation for new members, to remove religious references.

The move comes after parents complained it was unfair to exclude children who had not received a Christian upbringing.

The promise is optional but only girls who have taken it can be awarded the movement’s highest badges.

Christian campaigners yesterday warned that the 600,000-member association risks losing its values if it abandons the religious element of the oath.

“It would be terribly sad,” said Mike Judge, spokesman for The Christian Institute.

“The Girl Guides has always embraced all people but has its roots in Christian values, which is what has made it so popular and successful.

“It will be very difficult for it to maintain its values if it removes the ethics from where those ideas spring from. It would change the character of the Guides for the worse.

“Sadly, I think this is symptomatic of a much wider problem in Britain, which stems from a culture of embarrassment about being Christian.”

Since its establishment by Robert Baden-Powell in 1910, the Girl Guides has asked youngsters to pledge their commitment to God.

The current wording states: “I promise that I will do my best, to love my God, to serve the Queen and my country, to help other people and to keep the Guide Law.”

Caroline Mason said her daughter felt unable to take part in her Brownies enrolment in north Somerset due to the religious content of the Promise.

“I am bringing up my children with strong morals, but no religious belief. This is our choice as parents and I do not understand why my daughter should be excluded from something because of it,” she told the association.

In a second complaint, Juliette and Barry Willett claimed their daughter Maddie had been excluded from a ceremony in Crawley Down, West Sussex.

The National Secular Society took up the cases and complained to the association.

In response Jo Hobbs, the association’s head of Guiding development, said: “On an issue as important as the expression of our core values, we must take a measured approach to ensure any decisions are right for our organisation.

“The issue is on the executive committee’s agenda and when the time is right we will review our approach.”

A Girlguiding UK spokeswoman said the association would consider reviewing the promise at a forthcoming meeting.

The Scout Association, which demands that members pledge their “duty to God and to the Queen”, said it had no plans to change its promise.

As a charity, the Guide Association has an exemption under the Equality Act which allows it to require its members to make a statement of belief.

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