By Harry Templeton
Denis Campbell, social affairs correspondent for The Observer, wrote a brief article in December 2005 claiming, for the first time, that six percent of the population was gay. It was repeated in The Telegraph.
The gay lobby rapidly took it up and began to stress this number as a measure of their importance in society. They treated it as a media coup because it carried the imprimatur of an official government assessment.
Stonewall, for example, subsequently thrust this figure on a befuddled public in a number of dubious and inconsistent reports assessing homophobia in the community, workplace and schools. These so-called ‘statistically significant surveys’ were merely small-sample self-selecting biased opinion polls of motivated homosexuals, whose common purpose is to blame society for their misfortune.
Victimhood was the key issue encompassing societal hate, violence and bullying, more especially in schools. Since the Labour Government was paying for much of it, they lapped it up.
Stonewall liberally applied what may be called the ‘six percent principle’ in order to determine the representative sample of homosexuals in any particular group.

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