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From Civitas

[…]  Originally established to underpin equality before the law, equality legislation today is perversely undermining that very principle of fair treatment. This is in pursuit of a false utopia of absolute equality for all. But this pursuit will remain completely unrealistic while free people are able to take different decisions, have different aims in life and, inevitably, experience different outcomes. Greater equality of condition can only be achieved with less diversity.

Advocates for the equalities industry justify the extra burdens on the public sector and businesses on the grounds that they are designed to combat discrimination in work and society. The TUC claims that discrimination against female workers costs the economy £11 billion a year, while the National Audit Office argues that discrimination against ethnic minorities costs £8.6 billion. [p. 73]

The problem with these figures is that they assume, rather than show, that differences in labour market outcomes are due to discrimination. In essence, every statistical deviation from the population average in an organisation is taken as evidence of prejudice. Instead, they are often due to the choices and priorities of employees of different genders and cultural backgrounds:

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