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The ultra-radical nature of the cultural revolution is coming into full view. With the Massachusetts “transgender rights” bill passed, the next frontier is public acceptance of sex-changes for children. Is this America’s future?

This past Sunday the Boston Globe published a celebratory front-page article about a 14-year-old boy (one of identical twins) who has “become” a girl. For the past three years his parents have had him undergo powerful puberty-blocking drug treatments. As a result, the boy is now five inches shorter than his brother and has some female-like features. This will be followed by series of female hormone injections and ultimately operations to remove male body parts and “create” female-imitating body parts. The effects of the opposite-sex hormone treatments are irreversible and will leave the boy sterile as an adult male (should he choose not to go the whole way).

[…]  Medically speaking, actual transgenderism is a fiction with no basis in reality. The transgender movement is held up by intimidation and pressure. But despite the propaganda and disinformation by activists, the mental health profession still recognizes that “gender identity disorder” requires psychological treatment, not dangerous injections and body mutilation. (See is the description in the mental health profession’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual DSM IV.)

Despite the efforts by the homosexual/transgender movement to intimidate the medical community, a number of prominent authorities have nevertheless been willing to speak out. For example:
Several years ago, Johns Hopkins University Hospital disbanded its “sex-change” program because of serious concerns within the group that it was doing more harm than good. In November, 2004, Paul McHugh, Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and a director of the program, wrote about it in an article in First Things Magazine.
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