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Pic: An 1846 painting by the American folk painter Edward Hicks, depicting the animals boarding Noah’s Ark in pairs


Dan Wooding in Assist News Service
December 8, 2011

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (ANS) — “It’s perhaps one of the most told stories in the Bible. Cartoon sketches of Noah’s ark fill children’s books, and Hollywood even produced a modern-day adaptation in ‘Evan Almighty. Now, a group of scientists say they’ve found parts of the biblical ark.”

So said Tyler James, CBN News Producer, in a story posted on the CBN website (

James went on to say that Daniel McGivern and his team claimed to have discovered two large sections of Noah’s ark resting just below surface atop Mount Ararat in Turkey — where the Bible says the ark came to rest.

“The mountain is treeless. The mountain is volcanic with gases. There is no conceivable way that you could have an object that big on a mountain,” McGivern said.

The team used military satellite imagery and ground penetrating radar technology to locate the ruins. They believe the large object is wooden.
“The evidence is overwhelming,” McGivern added. “This is the large piece from Noah’s ark.”

Tyler James said that his evidence is based solely on imaging technology.

“The large piece of wood will likely remain buried under ice,” he added.

“There’s a huge problem with getting down to it, because of the fact that you can’t melt the ice,” McGivern explained. “You are up there at 16,600 feet. How are you going to get down to it?”

The story stated, “For centuries, explores have searched Mount Ararat for the ark. Just last year, a Chinese team claimed to have found the historical boat — releasing a video showing men inside what appeared to be ancient wooden structures.

“The video and find was widely believed to be a hoax.

“McGivern’s claim may never have the hard evidence to back it up, but the discovery could provide a great opportunity to share the gospel,” James concluded.

To see the video, go to:

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