By Peter Baklinski, LifeSite News

“Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man. The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.”

A woman has been fired from a Macy’s department store for denying a man dressed as a woman access to the women’s fitting room.

“I had to either comply with Macy’s or comply with God,” said Natalie Johnson, 27, a former employee at the retail giant’s location in Rivercenter Mall, San Antonio.

According to Johnson, on November 30th she witnessed a young cross-dressing man wearing make-up and girl’s clothing exit the women’s fitting room. She told the man “politely” that the women’s fitting room was for women only, making it clear that he was not to make use of the room again.

The customer, along with five companions, argued in response that Macy’s is friendly to the LGBT community.

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