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Those who said there was a pro-homosexuality agenda were treated with scorn as alarmists before the propagandists for that agenda became as bold as they are now. But we have it directly from the managing editor of Xtra Vancouver: as clear an enunciation of the homosexual activist agenda for the schools as we may have seen anywhere.

In the October 20th, 2011, edition of the Vancouver edition of the homosexual magazine Xtra, the managing editor of that magazine wrote in the online edition:

”. . . the gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada. And with that comes a message to those who won’t evolve: your outdated morals are no longer acceptable, and we will teach your kids the new norm.”

It may have gone relatively unnoticed, but this boast by a homosexual spokesman encapsulates what so many of those who claim to stand for traditional morality fail to acknowledge: Pro-homosexuality activists are not poor, down-trodden members of a minority who simply want to live their own lives as they choose. They are seeking to change the hearts and minds of our children and our grandchildren. They are seeking to establish “new norms” for our society.

Children and youth are the ones most malleable; hence the all-too-successful drives to establish “Gay Straight Alliances” and to show students films from “gay” film festivals through the organization “Out in Schools.”

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