The Revd Charles Ravenby Charles Raven, CEN

After twenty years of congregational ministry in Worcestershire my wife, Gillian, and I will be moving to Kenya after Easter at the invitation of Archbishop and Primate Dr Eliud Wabukala, where I will be Director of St Julian’s Anglican Studies Centre. St Julian’s is already a well established retreat centre, set in the fertile foothills of the Central Uplands yet within easy reach of Nairobi, and provides a delightful setting for this new venture. In the past it has hosted training conferences for new bishops under the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa and many similar gatherings.

Although this project will first and foremost serve the Anglican Church of Kenya, it reflects changes that are transforming the Anglican Communion globally. Numerically, the makeup of the Communion has reflected the dramatic southwards shift in the centre of gravity of global Christianity over the past century. Governance and theological leadership did not however follow.

But Western liberals precipitated a long overdue adjustment by pressing forward with the homosexual agenda and the watershed moment came in 2008. With the formation of GAFCON as a movement of reform and renewal, led by six Global South Provinces, a new narrative was established; it recovered Anglicanism’s Reformation identity as a confessing Communion and opened up the way to reconfiguring global governance on a Conciliar rather than neo-colonial model.

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