frgavin on February 21st, 2012


By Julian Mann, Cranmer’s Curate

[…]  If local churches around the UK cannot get their members out in significant numbers for a rally on an issue as biblically central as this one, then public Christianity in the UK would be sounding its own death-knell by default.

The consequences of same-sex marriage for local churches, Christian outreach networks to children and young people and church schools would be catastrophic. Political correctness would be given free rein to corrupt the minds of the next generation with its poisonous ideology.

The Lord Jesus Christ publicly defended the God-created institution of monogamous, heterosexual, life-long marriage. He did so before large crowds in the course of his public ministry in Galilee and argued the biblical case against powerful vested interests (see Matthew 19v1-11 and Mark 10v1-10).

We his followers must take our Lord’s lead and avail ourselves of the privilege of peaceful public demonstration, which faithful British Christians in the past campaigned for at great personal cost and exercised.

A rally featuring Bible teaching, Christian advocacy and public prayer in central London against the destructive politically correct drive to countermand the Word of God is imperative.

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