Bishop Gene RobinsonBy Jeff Walton, IRD

Calling upon homosexual and transgender persons to advocate for same-sex marriage in conversations with friends, co-workers and family members, Bishop Gene Robinson of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire appeared recently in the nation’s capital to promote a campaign centered on having such conversations.

“If you get down to arguing over individual verses of scripture, you have already lost,” Robinson advised on the sharing of personal stories. “You really need to go with the personal.”

Robinson spoke February 13 at a Washington, D.C. screening of “Love Free or Die,” a documentary about his role as the first openly partnered homosexual bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Sponsored by the Episcopal Church’s unofficial gay caucus, Integrity USA, the screening was hosted by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, headed by former Clinton aide John Podesta.

Robinson said the campaign, dubbed “Love Free or Die: Friends and Family Plan,” asks homosexual persons to go to people who make “tolerant sounds” but “when they go into the voting booth, they cast a ballot against us.”

“We’re hoping that this movie will motivate you sometime in the next few months – preferably before the next election – to call up that person,” Robinson explained. The New Hampshire bishop was joined in a panel discussion by the film’s director, Macky Alston, who described the goal of the campaign as “changing conflicted Christians.”

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