frgavin on February 7th, 2012

From Christian Concern

Andrea Minichiello Williams spoke to the General Synod today (6 Feb), challenging the Church of England to take a stand for traditional marriage before it is too late.

Urging the Presidents of the Synod (the two Archbishops) to authorise an Emergency Debate, Andrea Williams, member of the General Synod and CEO of Christian Concern, called on the church to resist David Cameron’s attempt to introduce same-sex marriage, noting that such a concept is contrary to both the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

She said: “In Matthew 19 Jesus tells us categorically that marriage was ordained by God from the beginning of our creation as the union of one man and one woman and this relationship is a direct reflection of the relationship between Christ and the church – the bridegroom and the bride.

“If the national Church were to stand for marriage as traditionally defined then our Prime Minister would be defeated even before he began.”

“Is it not the job of the established Church to hold government to account and not to let her stray from biblical precepts which are good not just for individuals but for communities and nations?”

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