By David W. Virtue
February 2012

New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson has done something and gone to a place that no other bishop in the history of the world has gone – he has legitimized sodomy and sodomized the church becoming a hero in the process. Now he has been eulogized forever on video and on the big screen.

The documentary ‘LOVE FREE OR DIE’portrays Robinson almost entirely as the the story of change, a look at how a church with centuries of entrenched morality based on God’s self disclosure and an unchangeable moral code can begin a slow shift away from Scriptural authority.

It is a sight that would have had St. Paul (presuming of course he could shrug off the charge of homophobia given him by John Shelby Spong) the Church Fathers, Cranmer, and a host of archbishops that followed him rolling in their graves.

He has done something so unthinkable, so unbelievable that future generations of Episcopalians, presuming there are any, will marvel at his brilliance and audacity. Future archeologists unearthing the history of The Episcopal Church will shake their heads in awe and wonder.

Robinson has gone where no bishop has gone before taking the vast bulk of the Episcopal Church’s leadership and a good sprinkling of its laity with him. Since 2003, for almost a decade, he has cajoled, whined, berated and spun Scripture to fit his sexual proclivities. He will retire early to hit the speaker circuit where, presumably he can make more money than continuing to be a bishop of a failing diocese.

His sexual “freedom” has made evangelism to Muslims by Global South Anglicans far more difficult. He has also made Christianity, in general, the scorn of Muslims in the Global South costing some Christians their very lives. It is more important for him to promote and declare his homosexual attractions and fulfill them rather than acknowledge their inherent destructiveness along with his gospel-violating behavior.

In short, in less than a decade, Robinson has jeopardized the entire future, perhaps the very survival of the Episcopal Church –for one reason and one reason only – that his sexual behavior with another man be accepted, legitimized, endorsed and finally consecrated in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

His whining need for homosexual self-fulfillment has meant the birth of an Anglican Mission, as well as an alternative Anglican jurisdiction in North America, bleeding off over 100,000 former Episcopalians. This rebirth of Anglicanism will shortly boast 1000 new Anglican churches faithful in morals and theology.

His behavior has torn the very fabric of the Anglican Communion with some 22 plus Anglican provinces declaring that they are no longer in communion with the US Episcopal Church. He has indirectly caused one third of the Primates to not turn up in Dublin, last year, embarrassing whatever there is left in Dr. Rowan Williams to embarrass.

His behavior jump-started the need for a Covenant that is going nowhere because a disciplinary section might just discipline both his church and him personally.

Whole Episcopal seminaries have resolved to reshape their theology, ethics and morals to suit the pansexual needs of the LGBTQI community. This is witnessed in spades at The Episcopal Divinity School based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This particular seminary is known throughout the Anglican Communion for its progressive teaching and action on issues of civil rights and social justice, not to mention human sexuality. It also trains students from other denominations including the Metropolitan Community Church the US’s first and only totally homosexual denomination.

In the 1980s, EDS permitted same-sex couples to live in campus housing just as it did heterosexual couples. In 1995, when St. John’s Memorial Chapel was opened to marriage services by Dean William Rankin, both heterosexual marriages and same-sex unions were permitted, contrary to the trend in the Episcopal Church at the time. In 2009, the Very Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale became the Dean of EDS, the first openly lesbian woman to be dean of an Episcopal seminary. Her signature language is, “Abortion is a gift and our work is not done.” No seminary president in history would have dared uttered those words. Associate professor and ordained priest Carter Heyward came out as a lesbian to the church in a nationwide publication in 1979.

Gene Robinson was ordained the first openly non-celibate homosexual in the church’s history although many closet homosexual bishops were well known to the church’s hierarchy. Recently, a lesbian was ordained a bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

And now Robinson is being memorialized by Hollywood to bring it all full circle. The World’s values become the Church’s values; the Church and the World become indistinguishable.

Love Free or Die will be the epitaph of the Episcopal Church. In the end it will be its death.

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