Sisters of LifeBy Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSite News

The Sisters of Life, a group of Catholic nuns who take a sacred vow to “protect and enhance the sacredness of human life,” say they don’t fall under the narrow religious exemption under the Obama administration’s new insurance mandate, meaning the rule would force them to break their promises to God.

“This mandate will gravely violate the individual and collective religious liberties of the Sisters of Life and millions of others by forcing us to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and artificial contraception against our conscience,” said the sisters in a statement Thursday.

The religious order said that their special fourth vow is “at the heart of our identity as a religious community, and is a profound expression of the religious and spiritual commitment of each of our Sisters. This new rule pays no heed to our right to live according to our vows.”

“Since we are neither employers, nor employees, of any religious institution, we cannot even take advantage of the ‘religious exemption’ contained in the new regulations or the ‘compromise,’” the sisters said. “As a result, this mandate would coerce each and every individual Sister of Life to betray her religious vows. …

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