frgavin on February 1st, 2012

Anglican Mainstream has received this detailed comment on the Report on Relations between the Anglican Church of North America and the Church of England

1. It is good that the Faith and Order Commission, under the chairmanship of +John Hind, has identified the major issues in this regard.

2. They have shown that it is the Church of England which decides with which church it is in communion. They have not shown how this is consistent with belonging to an existing world-wide Communion.

3 They claim that churches of the Anglican Communion are those whose bishops have been invited to attend and to vote at Lambeth Conferences.

4 And they distinguish this from membership of the ACC.

5 They also make a useful distinction between churches which are in communion with the C of E and churches whose orders the C of E recognises. It is important to remember that these are not at all the same thing.

6 The statement declares unequivocally, that the C of E is in communion with the Anglican Church of Canada and TEC but says nothing about ACNA as far as this issue is concerned.

From the above a number of issues arise:-

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