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Priest Who Calls Abortion a ‘Blessing’ Tells Congress She’d Break Law to Help Minor Cross State Line to Get One

Friday, March 16th, 2012

By Penny Starr, CNS

Were Congress to outlaw the transporting of a minor without her parents’ permission across state lines to get an abortion, an abortion- and gay-rights activist testifying on Capitol Hill Thursday she would break the law to continue to help girls end their pregnancies.

Appearing as a Democratic Party witness at a hearing of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, president and dean of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. recalled the time she took a 15-year-old girl she had never met before to get an abortion.

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Archbishop of Canterbury will step down in December 2012

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced this morning that he has accepted the position of Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, with effect from January 2013. He will accordingly be stepping down from his present office at the end of December. The text of Archbishop Rowan’s announcement is at

Dr Williams’ intentions have been conveyed to The Queen, who is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and who formally appoints the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dr Williams was appointed the one hundred and fourth Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002. He said today:

It has been an immense privilege to serve as Archbishop of Canterbury over the past decade, and moving on has not been an easy decision.  During the time remaining there is much to do, and I ask your prayers and support in this period and beyond.  I am abidingly grateful to all those friends and colleagues who have so generously supported Jane and myself in these years, and all the many diverse parishes and communities in the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion that have brought vision, hope and excitement to my own ministry.  I look forward, with that same support and inspiration, to continuing to serve the Church’s mission and witness as best I can in the years ahead.

Dr Williams will continue to carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the Archbishop of Canterbury, both for the Church of England and the Anglican Communion, until the end of the year.

The Crown Nominations Commission will consider in due course the selection of a successor.

Clergy Couple Build Unique Anglican Church for All Faithful; Focus is on Functionally Disabled and Developmentally Impaired

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

By David W. Virtue in Dallas

The Rev. Warren Mueller had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment, a turning point if you will, when he looked at his mother behaving inappropriately while suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. He cried out to God, where is there a church for her?

“I realized that ‘normal’ congregations were not places for people like her, so I had it out with God. Well, be careful what you ask for. God made it very clear to me that I was to start a church for people like my mother.

He was unsure initially; then it became clearer, “‘I can start a church which welcomes people like her.'” The idea grew. Warren persuaded another couple to join him. Together they started a church plant in Diamondhead, Mississippi.

Warren, a physicist for 33 years in the chemical industry and defense industry, wanted now, more than ever, to be a community chaplain and to work with the disabled, bringing Christ to them with no one left behind. His vision was for those with functional disabilities – especially those with mental disabilities – and for the visually impaired. “I believe a blind person can read Scripture, a paraplegic can be an acolyte, a crucifer can function as one in a wheelchair. The possibilities are unlimited. All it requires is some imagination and a fundamental belief that all God’s children can worship Him.

“I tried to find a model, but found none in the US,” he told VOL while participating in the ANGLICAN 1000 Church Planters Conference in Plano, Texas, this week. “Some parishes will cut out a place in a pew for a wheel chair. I felt there was much more to it than that. I firmly believed that whatever state you are in is just fine. We are all here to worship…we are all here together, there is a job there in the church for you.”

The people he saw and visited who were supposed to be vegetables inspired Warren. One can say the Lord’s Prayer with them and their lips move.

In January, he and his wife Nan formulated a mission statement which said, “Bringing all to Christ with no one left behind in particular those with functional disabilities – those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, those with physical and mental disabilities, and the visually impaired. We sought to create a worshipping community with them and their care givers so they would no longer be excluded or set aside.”

Warren said they started their small church in a hospital cafeteria. Within a week they outgrew that and moved into a building given to them by a local Presbyterian church.

While he was engaged in this new ministry, both Warren and his wife Nan were rethinking their ecclesiastical loyalties.

Warren, a cradle Episcopalian was ordained to the Diaconate in 1999 in the Diocese of Louisiana at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge where he stayed for three years. He later transferred to the Diocese of Central Florida where he became canonically resident as a deacon and became the pastoral care minister of St. Michael’s in Orlando.

However, The Episcopal Church’s moral and theological drift drove Warren and his wife to say, “Enough is enough. We can no longer stay in the Episcopal Church the moral rot is too deeply entrenched.”

This past week Warren and Nan knelt before a new orthodox Anglican bishop, the Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns (CANA) who was assisted by Suffragan Bishop Julian Dobbs. In a moving ceremony at Christ Church, Plano in Texas, Warren was ordained a priest. Nan was ordained a transitional deacon. Typical of his commitment to the disabled, Bishop and Mrs. Minns’s daughter Rachel who suffers from Downs Syndrome assisted as a crucifer in the ceremony.

“It was a deeply moving occasion for both of us,” Warren told VOL. “My wife and I both feel more empowered to go out and reach our community and offer what we are doing [it] as a model for all the US.

“Our vision is not to be just accommodative but also empowering. We want the disabled to be empowered and participate in worship to God in a way God is calling them despite the limitations holding them back.”

Nan is on track to becoming a VA chaplain under Bishop Derek Jones. – Deanery for Chaplains for CANA/ACNA. Bishop Jones himself was received in June of 2010 to serve as “Bishop Suffragan for Chaplaincies” in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) under Archbishop Robert Duncan.

Warren, 60, will maintain the dual role t of community chaplain and chaplain to a Parkinson’s support group in Mississippi. “My second role will be as a church planter and the name of our church plant is Resurrection Anglican Church on the Gulf. I think it is appropriate considering the pioneer work we are doing,” he concluded. Warren and Nan are also the proud grandparents of four.

The Lost Boys Of Sudan and Faith at the End of the World

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

By Wendi Dwyer, Huffington Post

The “End of the World” is not a date, it is a place. I know because a U.N. flight dropped me off there about a month ago. It is in Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan.
I am sure there are places in the world less equipped to sustain life, but not many. For the majority of its citizens there is no clean water, no electricity, no sewage system, no access to medical help, no escape from the relentless heat and an inadequate food supply. The few resources that exist are being stretched thinner and thinner as the population swells daily. This is due to the arrival of people fleeing the attacks in the disputed region between South Sudan and Sudan to the north, as well as the large number of returnees.
Despite all of this no one seemed panicked and no children came begging when I traveled around the state. In fact there was an air of hopefulness and dignity that did not match the circumstances I was observing.

New Book – On the meaning of Sex by J. Budziszewski

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

From Intercollegiate Studies Institute

What is the meaning of sex?

Everyone in every time and place is interested in sex. Our own time is obsessed by it. One would think that a society obsessed by sex would understand it very well. But the truth is that obsession drives out understanding. We no longer understand even the common sense of sexuality, the things that were common knowledge in supposedly less enlightened times.
Acclaimed philosopher J. Budziszewski remedies this problem. His wise, gracefully written book about the nature, meaning, and mysteries of sexuality restores lost wisdom, raising and answering such questions as:

  • Does sex have to mean anything at all?
  • What is the meaning of the sexual powers, of sexual differences, of sexual love, of sexual beauty, of sexual purity?
  • Is sexuality “all about sex”?
  • Why does sexuality stir up such transcendent longings for something more than sex?

On the Meaning of Sex corrects the most prevalent errors about sex, particularly the errors of the sexual revolution, which by mistaking pleasure for a good in itself has caused untold pain and suffering. In restoring the meaning and purpose of sex, the author reclaims what Dante calls “the intelligence of love.”

“Looking out over the sexual landscape of our time,” Budziszewski writes, “I see a terrain of unutterable sweetness, despoiled by unmentionable pain. Yet who knows? Perhaps it is not too late to redeem the unutterable sweetness. Shall we try to find out?”

Pop Idol generation not bothered about free speech

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Francis Schaefferby Julian Mann

Pop star Will Young speaks for his generation in declaring that vicars should be prosecuted for denouncing same-sex marriage.

In his exchange on BBC Question Time with Daily Mail columnist Janice Atkinson, Mr Young, 33, vindicated UKIP’s concern that same-sex marriage will lead to religious objectors being prosecuted for hate crime.

Mr Young, who rose to prominence through being a contestant on the Pop Idol TV programme in 2002, is representative in his outlook of those who reached adulthood under New Labour. Freedom of speech is not a cultural value they are particularly bothered about. In fact, they are more bothered that their individual moral choices should be protected from denunciation by the politically correct equivalent of a rigorously enforced blasphemy law.

Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984) predicted the current moral indifference to the preservation of liberty. In his 1976 book How should we then live?, he wrote:

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Churches Selling Out

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


There is only one thing worse than the militant homosexual activism which is destroying everything in its path. And that is those gullible and naive Christians who actually support this radical agenda. Sadly there are many who have succumbed to deception big time, and have thrown their lot in with the activists while renouncing the clear biblical teachings on this issue.

In my new book I send quite a bit of time documenting all this, and showing how the theological revisionists have got it so very wrong. They foolishly think they are somehow being compassionate and loving. They think they are somehow being like Jesus by embracing homosexuality and pushing the agenda of the radical social engineers.

But this is not to be unexpected I suppose. Everywhere the New Testament presents warnings about how demonic deception will increase, and how people will abandon truth and follow after lies. Jesus and the disciples warned us about this time and time again.

Thus it is happening in many churches today. Plenty of church leaders have simply sold out the gospel in order to please men and embrace the homosexual agenda. They have a lot to answer for. Not only are they keeping people trapped in dead-end lifestyles, stripping them of any hope of change, but they are also calling Jesus a liar.

Christ made it perfectly clear that he came to save people from their sins and to set the captives free. But these false prophets do not believe the Bible is correct in calling homosexuality a sin, and they are quite happy to allow these people to wallow in their sinful sexual addictions.

Not only that, but by lying to them and telling them they are just fine, that God made them that way, and that they should embrace and celebrate their lifestyle, these wolves in sheep’s clothing are condemning these poor folks to a lost eternity. Just what is loving about all that?

So they really do have blood on their hands, and they really do need to repent of all this. And I am not the only one sounding the alarm here. A Christian therapist in the UK who offers real help to those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle is now being subject to a severe attack on her work.

Yet she continues to speak out about the importance of offering homosexuals what they really need – the chance to change. And she is dead set against these phony Christians who try to defend homosexuality and leave them in their sinful and broken condition.

An article on this brave woman is worth quoting at length: “Churches and psychological professional associations are harming people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction, both spiritually and medically, by their acceptance of the ‘gay-affirming’ ideology pushed by the homosexualist lobby, a Christian psychotherapist told LifeSiteNews in an interview today.

“Lesley Pilkington, a psychotherapist in the UK who was famously the subject of an undercover ‘sting’ by a homosexual activist and journalist, said that there is a ‘huge gap’ in public perception of homosexuality that has been created by a lack of balance in media representation and by the failure of churches to clearly articulate their objections. Pilkington is currently facing professional discipline for her efforts to offer therapy to people with unwanted same-sex attraction.

“Churches ‘very rarely talk about sin and refuse ever to say that homosexual behaviour is a sin.’ Only a minority of people in the churches in Britain, ‘speak out the word of God. And they get a lot of aggression for it,’ she said. ‘The church is doing a disservice to homosexuals by denying sinners their liberty in the lord Jesus Christ. They are blind guides leading others into a ditch of destruction.’

“Acceptance of the claims of the homosexualist movement by many of the mainline churches and by the medical profession have been ‘incredibly destructive’ to people, Pilkington said. By aligning themselves with the homosexualist movement and committing themselves to the path of ‘gay affirmation’ they are no longer able or willing to offer homosexual people the spiritual and psychological guidance and support necessary to leave the lifestyle if they wish.

“‘Statistics for self-harm, self-hatred, psychological illness are horrendous and are getting more and more momentum as this acceptance grows,’ she said. Homosexual behaviour is ‘incredibly bad for the individual, it is destructive to the person and to our nation.’
“Referring to the recent push by the government to abolish the definition of marriage in law, she said that the churches have brought much of their troubles on themselves. Ultimately the acceptance and encouragement of homosexuality has led to the destruction of traditional marriage and the traditional family. There is no way being gay-affirmative is helpful to individuals or to our nation,’ she said. She admitted that in the UK, it is becoming ‘very close to illegal to say this.’

“The result of cases like hers, she said, is that ‘gay activists are becoming very emboldened.’ The intimidation has reached the point where even those in the Church who might disagree are keeping silent. Few religious people or church leaders ‘are willing to say, thus far and no further. This is not acceptable behaviour. The established churches don’t accept the way I’ve spoken today, which is a biblical way. The word of God is being marginalised, as is the medical truth of homosexuality’.”

And to see just what a nasty and diabolical bunch these activists can be, consider what she has had to endure: “When Mrs. Pilkington was approached in 2010 by a young man asking for help overcoming his same-sex attraction, it was nothing new to her. She told LSN that she has helped hundreds of clients deal with chronic behavioral problems, including many with unwanted same-sex attraction.

“The young man, it turned out, was a homosexualist activist and journalist who had set out to entrap a Christian. Patrick Strudwick admitted that he lied when he told Pilkington he wanted help and lied again when he said he was a Christian and was seeking spiritual, as well as psychological counseling.

“After Strudwick’s report was published in the Independent, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy found her guilty of professional misconduct and ordered her to undergo re-training and ‘professional development.’ These are to be completed in six to 12 months, or her membership will be revoked and she will be ‘struck off.’

“The BACP ruled that Pilkington’s approach was ‘reckless,’ ‘dogmatic,’ ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unprofessional.’ She was judged to have let her ‘personal preconceived views about gay lifestyle and sexual orientation … affect her professional relationship in a way that was prejudicial.’

“Pilkington said that the reaction of the BACP has exposed a massive shift in the direction of the profession, one that few realize is actually obstructing the right of clients to seek help. Professional associations have started ‘following the political correctness doctrine” and are “closing down the human rights of people who want to change’.”

The article closes this way: “Pilkington said that she is not interested in forcing anyone to live according to Christian teaching. ‘First of all,’ she said,’ we live in this diverse and inclusive society, if some people feel this way and want to stay this way, then fine.’

“But the acceptance of homosexuality as legitimate and normal, she said, is coloring the whole purpose of the psychotherapeutic profession. ‘It is extraordinary to me. People have lost the ability to genuinely look at what’s best for people. Political correctness and gay activists have generated a fear. People say, “I’m going to agree with this or I’m going to have a lot of aggression towards me”.’

“‘As a Christian, I’m not a theologian, but I read my Bible, I believe very strongly in the word of God. Our churches have become extremely worldly. It is supposed to be that the churches influence the nation, but now the nation is influencing the church.’ The shutting down of Christians and other voices who might object is a growing phenomenon in Britain. ‘It is happening,’ she said, ‘and it’s going to happen more and more.’

“Pilkington’s appeal is ongoing, and is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC). Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre said, ‘Lesley is a wonderful Christian counsellor who has practised for many years with an unblemished record.’ Williams and CLC have been at the forefront of the fight to uphold the right of Christians in Britain to live, speak and work in accordance with their beliefs.”

This is one brave and resolute Christian woman. She is fighting not just for the right to help homosexuals who desire change, but she is also having to fight those deceived Christians who are siding with the activists, and siding against her.

Things have come to a pretty awful state when biblical Christians find that their greatest opposition comes from those claiming to also be Christians. No wonder Jesus warned so forcefully: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” (Matthew 7:15).