frgavin on March 14th, 2012

Francis Schaefferby Julian Mann

Pop star Will Young speaks for his generation in declaring that vicars should be prosecuted for denouncing same-sex marriage.

In his exchange on BBC Question Time with Daily Mail columnist Janice Atkinson, Mr Young, 33, vindicated UKIP’s concern that same-sex marriage will lead to religious objectors being prosecuted for hate crime.

Mr Young, who rose to prominence through being a contestant on the Pop Idol TV programme in 2002, is representative in his outlook of those who reached adulthood under New Labour. Freedom of speech is not a cultural value they are particularly bothered about. In fact, they are more bothered that their individual moral choices should be protected from denunciation by the politically correct equivalent of a rigorously enforced blasphemy law.

Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984) predicted the current moral indifference to the preservation of liberty. In his 1976 book How should we then live?, he wrote:

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