By Wendi Dwyer, Huffington Post

The “End of the World” is not a date, it is a place. I know because a U.N. flight dropped me off there about a month ago. It is in Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan.
I am sure there are places in the world less equipped to sustain life, but not many. For the majority of its citizens there is no clean water, no electricity, no sewage system, no access to medical help, no escape from the relentless heat and an inadequate food supply. The few resources that exist are being stretched thinner and thinner as the population swells daily. This is due to the arrival of people fleeing the attacks in the disputed region between South Sudan and Sudan to the north, as well as the large number of returnees.
Despite all of this no one seemed panicked and no children came begging when I traveled around the state. In fact there was an air of hopefulness and dignity that did not match the circumstances I was observing.

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