frgavin on March 13th, 2012


Cranmer’s Curate was on the BBC Radio Sheffield Sunday breakfast show hosted by Sarah Major this morning (around 6.50am), explaining his response if evidence came to light that services of same-sex blessing were being condoned in Sheffield Diocese.

Your curate would not take precipitate action and God willing his response would be properly considered and patient. But, as he explained, if such services were being conducted in our diocese and no action taken to stop them, then cc would very regrettably refuse to accept a Church Commissioners’ stipend and would petition the Oughtibridge PCC to suspend parish share payments.

It does not seem ethical to suspend parish share to the diocese whilst continuing to accept the stipend.

This would clearly represent a pay-cut for the curate and would be administratively disruptive. But same-sex blessings are symptomatic of a serious distortion of Christianity, which is regressive and compromised. Such a distortion holds back the mission and ministry of the Church of England to our society.

For cc there are two principles at stake if licensed ministers at whatever level of seniority conduct services of same-sex blessing: 1). Authority: the Church is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Body and he rules it by his Word of truth. Ministers of Word and Sacrament have no right to change the script and when they do so it undermines the integrity of the Church.

2). Accountability: ministers ought to be accountable for upholding the biblical doctrine of the Church of England. Same-sex blessings are liturgical violations of our doctrine. Failure to hold licensed ministers to account is a serious dereliction of duty and undermines the credibility of the Church.

Youth group prayers are appreciated in these difficult days for confessing Anglican ministers in the Church of England.

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