frgavin on April 17th, 2012

I’m linking to a short bio by Dick Hewetson, a former Episcopal priest.

Just a few observations and a question:

—It appears that this man functioned as an Episcopal priest for nearly 15 years, while not believing even in the existence of God, much less the tenets of the Christian faith. Indignation for the people whom he deceived and hurt and who trusted him is hardly the right word for my thoughts on this conman functioning as a priest.

—My, isn’t he perfectly shallow!

—Note that he was a deputy to General Convention and a participant in Integrity. Perfect.

—And to my questions: how many Episcopal priests do you think have functioned as conmen and conwomen over the past 50 years?

Is it possible that, of the rectors and bishops you and I have sat under there were such people as Dick Heweston, and that that explains their clueless, shallow answers to questions, their clear lack of knowledge about the Christian faith, their revisionist and deconstructionist rhetoric about Holy Scripture, tradition, and reason, their vague, waffling sermons, and their feckless, failed parish leadership?

I wonder.

Incompetence and failure is one thing. All of us are incompetent in one way or another and all of us fail.

Being simply a fraud and huckster, like the Duke and Dauphin, is quite another.

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