by Marcus Jones, Premier Christian Media

“We have to fund a true gospel and not a false gospel – if people want to go down a false gospel route they’ll have to fund that themselves.”

That’s the message of Revd James Paice – one of the Directors of the Southwark Good Stewards Company.

The organisation’s been set up take away money from a pot normally used to distribute funds to struggling places of worship across the Diocese of Southwark in London.

Instead, it’ll only give financial help to those who sign up to a set of orthodox teachings.

Depending on how many churches sign up, a large number of financially struggling liberal churches could be hit hard.

Those behind the scheme aren’t happy with changes being made which they feel are making the Church of England too liberal.

Revd Paice, who’s the vicar at St Luke’s in Wimbledon, said: “It’s a concern about revisionism.

“A good number of people are worried that it will lead to decline in the state of the Church.

“This is what we’ve seen in America – we’ve seen two Cathedrals close, the Church is in freefall, people are leaving in droves.

“That’s where revisionism leads – it doesn’t lead to spiritual life.

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