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By David Virtue, VOL

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori released her Budget Proposal for consideration at the upcoming General Convention of the Episcopal Church this past week. Deep in the heart of her budget request was $2 million for 20 new churches. This is what she calls a “mission driven budget.” She says Episcopalians have been “sent to heal the world.”

Now the obvious question must be asked, who among the liberal apparatchiks and graduates of liberal and revisionist episcopal seminaries possibly know how to plant a church given the current ideology, theology and morals of The Episcopal Church? An Episcopal seminary president screaming “abortion is a blessing and our work is not done” and then calling for the suppression of rights of conscience for health care workers, will jump start new churches.

It is ironic that the liberal Bishop of Arizona, Kirk Smith said that the current crop of seminary graduates is not exactly well-formed, either in intellectual knowledge or leadership ability. “We need scholars in the church, to be sure, but even more we need young men and women who can grow the church. This clearly is not happening.”

Does anyone think that the former Governor of NJ Jim McGreevey, twice married and now living with his homosexual lover while studying at General Theological Seminary in NY, can start a parish with Good News about Jesus? Or a combination of Gene Robinson, Mary Glasspool, and Tom Shaw announcing a Billy Graham style Crusade with J. Jon Bruno offering the benediction while leading hundreds to Christ out of which new churches are formed is going to happen? If this weren’t straight blasphemy, it would be hysterically funny, something a writer for New Yorker magazine might pick up.

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