By Mary Ann Mueller
Special Correspondent

INDIANAPOLIS – The House of Deputies’ afternoon vote on A-049 came in silence, the result of modern technology.

When the House of Bishops voted to approve same-gender blessings each bishop was called by name and with their own voice they were required to vocalize their vote – yea or nay.

Electronic voting was the rule of the day in the House of Deputies. Each Order – lay and clergy, were called to vote using their hand-held electronic voting devise.

The laity was called to vote.

“The vote is open.” Silence followed. “The vote is closed.”

The clergy were called to vote.

“The vote is open.” Silence followed. “The vote is closed.”

Silence … the waiting began.

To pass the time the candidates for the Vice President of the House of Deputies were nominated from the floor.

Silence … the waiting continues.

Finally, out-going House of Deputies’ President Bonnie Anderson announced the results: Lay yes votes – 86; lay no votes – 19; lay divided votes – five. Clergy yes votes – 85; clergy no votes – 22; clergy divided votes – 4.

“A-049 passes with a 78% in the lay order and 76% in the clergy order,” a tired House of Deputies’ president confirmed.

And with that same-gender blessings received the blessing of General Convention and became a part of the fabric The Episcopal Church.

Bonnie Anderson then dismissed the House of Deputies.

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