This has been coming for a while – a sign that liberal power structures and power holders in other denominations are reading from the TEC playbook.

THE Church of Scotland is to seize back one of the most prominent churches in Glasgow – and potentially thousands of pounds in collection money – after its congregation quit the main body of the Kirk for allowing gay ministers in its pulpits.

It says it will “take all necessary steps to recover all property and assets, including the church and manse buildings, and all monies belonging to the Church of Scotland congregation of St George’s Tron”.

The move comes after the 500 worshippers became the first entire congregation in Scotland to leave the Kirk in June over gay ordination, with plans to join a more strict denomination.

Kirk lawyers have already moved to freeze the congregation’s bank accounts as each faction claims ownership of the historic property.

Worshippers could now find themselves locked out of the 17th-century church.

The Kirk says a Transitional Ministry will be established to lead a team to “work together with others to re-establish the Church of Scotland congregation of St George’s Tron and make effective use of the buildings in support of this aim”.

The legal test case will set the scene for what could be one of the largest land and property wrangles in Scotland as evangelical congregations prepare to challenge the Kirk’s stance on gay ordination at the next General Assembly.

St. George’s Tron may be familiar to many readers. The senior minister Willie Philip is well-respected amongst evangelicals in the UK, not least through organisations like the Proclamation Trust. I had the privilege of studying under him while at theCornhill Training Course in London. He has recently set up Cornhill Scotland to serve the church north of the border.

Willie was also a recent observer at the GAFCON leader’s conference.

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