Bishop Andrus was late to the interfaith procession for Archbishop Cordileone’s installation service, flounced out when he wasn’t seated immediately, and scuttled off to his diocesan webmaster to post a news release announcing the Vile Insult. Needless to say, outrage and squealing has ensued from leftist Episcopalians on various blogs.

When I first read Bishop Andrus’s breathless release about his Episcopal Martyrdom to the Fanged Papist, Salvatore Cordileone, the new and conservative and thus much-loathed Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco [the Andrus release included the words “detained” and “basement”—heh],my first thought was “goodness, are we sure Bishop Andrus was even invited?”  And further, should he be seated with the Christian leaders of other denominations, or with the Buddhists and Hindus?

And then I thought “why is Bishop Andrus so desperate for attention”?

Any sane person would know that Archbishop Cordileone has much larger fish to fry than to figure out how to offer some kind of pointed insult to one of the scads of interfaith guests at his installation service.

Once one recognizes that, then one has to ask why on earth Bishop Andrus had to point so loudly and publicly to his own perceived insult? Either it was deliberate by Archbishop Cordileone [hardly likely], or it was accidental and a product of poor logistics, or bad communication, or some other kerfluffly mix-up.

So I started to dig a little deeper.

Conservative Episcopalians were thrilled over Salvatore’s selection as the new archbishop; at StandFirm there was much rejoicing, for instance. He will do a lot to clean up the unholy mess left by his predecessor, not to mention being a great counterweight to the revisionists of all sorts in that region. Make no mistake, Archbishop Cordileone’s elevation represents a huge threat to the ruling order of that region, both politically and spiritually.

So—unsurprisingly—Bishop Andrus and the tiny number of Episcopalians in that state have engaged in plenty of territory marking, passive-agressive sniping, and outright hostility, well-noted by various Roman Catholics. No suprise there, and I’m confident that Archbishop Cordileone recognizes that he doesn’t share the same Gospel as Bishop Andrus.

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