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As I write each week about issues either within Anglicanism or touching in a significant way on those of us who are Anglicans, I realize that members of other Christian denominations are also reading our AAC weekly updates. The reality is that many churches and denominations are undergoing the same kinds of problems, and are looking for solutions. Divisions have occurred recently and are occurring in Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations, and the situation in the Methodist Church is shaky. The American Anglican Council is fostering conversation among those in all of these church groups who are interested in the true Gospel and its proclamation, to see if we can agree on the most important issues and beliefs and work together in our areas of common ground to support the work that our partners are doing for the Gospel. In coming weeks you will hear of some of our work in this area.

From time to time, I caution and alert our readers to attempts to erode or diminish our rights as Christian believers under the law. Why should everyone else have free speech rights, but Christians are muzzled because speaking about Jesus Christ might offend someone? Should a person’s employment be safe as long as they speak and act in accordance with what they think and believe is right, but if they believe that something is wrong or ill-advised and speak up, and their conviction happens to go against the popular sentiment or advocacy movements of the day, should they lose their job or be demoted or transferred?

Once again, there is a media report of a person whose thoughts go against the popular zeitgeist being disciplined by an employer. NBC News reports that Gallaudet University, a major educational institution of higher learning for the deaf located in Washington, DC, has placed a staff member on paid leave after she expressed her opinion in a matter related to same sex marriage.

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