Well, well, well.  This shouldn’t be news – it’s out there in serious research for anybody who cares to dig.  But a Gallup study of over 120,000 Americans once again shows that the LGBT population is very small, around 3.4%.

As another blogger rightly points out, the number could be a bit higher as some respondents would be loathe to risk coming out.

So let’s be generous and say 4%.

And, as I’ve argued before, let’s take that 4% and assume that not all are Christians.  Of that small remainder who identify as Christian, let’s assume a sliver of Episcopalians.  And of that sliver of a sliver, let’s pull out our microscopes to look for the subatomic % who want religious rituals for their relationships and/or to be ordained as clergy.

If you are fortunate enough to work in a research facility with a microscope strong enough to even see this particle of the population, you are looking at the mission field of The Episcopal Church, for which it’s been willing to sacrifice it’s core values, structures and entrusted Gospel mission.  For which it is willing to throw away any and all other segments of the population who don’t match the particle.  For which it is willing to construct an employee health plan that serves only the well being of the particle and crushes clergy families and congregations with premiums rivaling salary and housing allowance figures.  For which it is willing to imperil global Christian unity and witness.  For which it sequesters more and more of its leadership positions.

TEC just moved to evict about 30,000 more members of the > 96% who reside in South Carolina, as a symbolic offering to the gargantuan ego of the subatomic particle the denomination serves.

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