Stonewall has awarded its ‘Bigot of the Year’ prize to the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien. He apparently won it for his stance on same-sex marriage, which he compared to slavery and described it as ‘harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing’.

Let’s put this into a little perspective, shall we?

The other nominees were:

Alan Craig, former leader of the Christian People’s Alliance, who compared gay equality advocates to Nazis, dubbing them the ‘Gaystapo’.

Lord Maginnis, who described same-sex marriage as ‘unnatural and deviant behaviour.

Philip Tartaglia, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow, who said the late David Cairns MP may have died because he was gay and claimed the death was shrouded in a ‘conspiracy of silence’.

And Simon Lokodohe, former Roman Catholic priest and now Ugandan ethics and integrity minister, who ordered the disbanding of meetings of gay equality groups and the arrest of all rights activists, insisting that they ‘recruit children’ into homosexuality. He supported the ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ – parliamentary legislation which proposed increasing jail terms for gays to life. And he actively supports the persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activists by the Ugandan authorities.

By giving the award to Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Stonewall deem the free expression of religious conviction and Christian theological tradition to be more ‘bigoted’ than active persecution, harassment, the prohibition of free assembly and freedom of speech, and unjust life imprisonment for gays and lesbians. Is any more evidence needed of Stonewall’s blind hypocrisy, perverse immorality and vicious bigotry? They don’t even permit the nominees of this award to attend the ceremony and make an acceptance speech in their own defence.

Stonewall isn’t a benign and benevolent gay rights charity: it is an offensive, bullying, intolerant and actively-persecuting organisation which pillories Christians and vilifies those who disagree with its political agenda. It is, by its own definition of ther term, fundamentally ‘bigoted’, and those who sponsor its abhorrent intimidation and harassment deserve to be duly tarnished for their ill-judged association.

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