frgavin on November 6th, 2012

Anglican Mainstream Press Release

 “What is an orgasm and how can I have one?”

At a Parliamentary Conference at Portcullis House sponsored by Jim Dobbin MP, it was alleged that this suggested Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) question for 11-13 year olds actively encouraged children to sexual experimentation.

Leaders from campaigning organisations working to protect children laid the blame for soaring STI rates, teenage pregnancies and abortion figures with current sex education programmes. Around 100 delegates heard the shocking truth that sex education policy since the 1960s has increasingly marginalised parental authority, making children susceptible to damaging sexual behaviours, endangering both their physical and mental health. It was widely acknowledged that we have failed our children.

The deficiencies of the government commissioned Bailey Report, once peddled as the definitive answer to irresponsible advertising and marketing as directed at children, were highlighted by the Conference Organiser, Robert Harris, in his introduction, when he said: “The Bailey Report totally failed  to address the fundamental problem of SRE which has become a primary vehicle  that is sexualising our children. The government is to blame.” It was pointed out that the internet has facilitated increasing exposure to toxic sexual materials, normalizing once-taboo behaviours, and damaging the capacity of children to form normal, stable relationships.

Speakers tackled a diverse range of subjects adversely affecting the welfare of children including SRE provision, sexual health advice and the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in Western Europe. It is very telling, said Lynda Rose, that “pre-1960s, conception rates for teenagers were so insignificant as to be statistically unrecordable.” She pointed out that with the “advent of sex education, we are now routinely seeing over 30,000 teenage conceptions a year, half of which end in abortion.”

Delegates were unanimous in calling for government urgently to reassess sex education policy. In particular, they demanded broader representation in policy forming bodies, which are currently dominated by sexually permissive interest groups, ridiculing traditional morality.
A new Campaign was launched today, a “Campaign to Protect Children” (C2PC). Visit  Email

For further information on the Parliamentary Conference contact: Lynda Rose, 01865 554421

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