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Canon Vinay SamuelBy Vinay Samuel, FairMeasure 2012

Some Reflections on the Conservative Defeat in the US Culture War and its implications for Christian Orthodox social agenda in the UK
I wrote about the implications of the US Culture Wars for the Anglican Communion nearly eight years ago. At that time I did not anticipate that there would be such a swift cultural shift to the left in the United States. I am assuming the same is true in the UK.
Culture wars are not just a clash of social ideas. They are mainly about social issues. Issues are also viewed in clusters. Gender Equality, Homophobia, Same sex Marriage, Racial Discrimination, Patriarchy, Minority Rights, Women’s Choice, Multiculturalism are all bundled together and interconnected in people’s minds and decision making.
The economic issue or social agendas
Many of my socially conservative friends in the United States saw the economic issue as mainly big government vs. small government. They failed to see for most salaried people earning middle incomes there was an ever-present possibility of losing their jobs and they needed the government to provide a safety net though they would instinctively be unhappy with Big Government. They would also expect some income progression even in present difficult times and would expect the Government to make it happen, not by income distribution. but supportive tax codes and regulations that ensure consumer friendly banks and financial institutions. The Right failed to see that people did not see one main economic issue but a cluster and voted intuitively for the party that was more likely to understand and act.
I think we need to do the same with the social agenda we face from the left.
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