frgavin on December 6th, 2012

…we forget that that movement didn’t land from Mars.  Or the flood of garbage in which we are drowning did not first flow from the LGBT movement or its various franchises, like The Episcopal Church.

The dam broke among “straight” folks, and it ain’t been repaired.

In fact, the western church keeps encouraging people to dive in, ‘cuz the water’s fine…

These are hidden reefs at your love feasts, as they feast with you without fear, shepherds feeding themselves; waterless clouds, swept along by winds; fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead, uprooted; wild waves of the sea, casting up the foam of their own shame; wandering stars, for whom the gloom of utter darkness has been reserved forever.  (Jude 1:12-13 ESV)

The LGBT succeeded because “straight” people bought into the pleasures the culture offered, and having “baptized” those delights, could only affirm everybody else’s stuff.  Not just sex but affluence, media prestige, promises of eternal youth, junk “science”… you name it, the western church bought it.

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