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From a Press Release by the Christian Peoples Alliance:

Attempts to silence the free speech rights of a Christian provincial member of parliament in South Africa have been condemned by the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA), a Christian democratic political party in Britain.

The Hon Jo Ann Downs faces prosecution by the South African Human Rights commission for hate speech after she used a television appearance to criticise the hosting of the Mr Gay World event on Easter Sunday this year in Gold Reef City, Johannesburg.

Jo Ann Downs is Chairman of the African Christian Democratic Party and sits in the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Parliament. Known for her campaigns against corruption, Mrs Downs commented:

“This is the first step to stop South Africans saying homosexuality is a sin. It is a problem for pastors and ministers who have to teach the whole word of God. This isn’t a battle I am choosing to fight, but a stand has to be taken for free speech and the liberty of the church in South Africa to address these issues.”

The Commission is now considering a complaint made against Ms Downs for her remarks on eTV, including her statement that “homosexuality is one of many sins”. If found to have breached the South African law and Constitution she faces a fine of 20,000 Rand (£2,000) and a criminal conviction.

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