frgavin on May 7th, 2013

A word of encouragement from a senior to a junior devil

By David W. Virtue

My dear Wormwood,

It is hard to fathom, even by our standards of dissimulation and subterfuge, just how fast western culture is moving in our direction.

We have gone from the love that dare not speak its name to full acceptance of homoerotic behavior declaring all opposition to pansexuality as homophobic and hate speech. That same sex marriage is being endorsed in state after state in the Disunited States is most comforting especially with only token opposition from the Roman Catholic Church and a few evangelicals.

The speed with which this is being accomplished has been stunning in its swiftness and fulfillment. Our Father’s glee is only matched by his desire for even greater results.

The Church remains our greatest challenge and our Father’s deepest, abiding hatred. Even as darkness descends over the West, the powerful resurgence of Christianity in Africa and Latin America continues apace threatening all our work. The rise of Christianity in China is causing our Father apoplectic fits.

That African Anglicans are now sending their missionaries into what was once the Christian West in an attempt to reconvert the West deeply angers our Father who has effectively used sodomy to stifle Muslim evangelization.

This new pope is terrifyingly humble and personable with a faith that ordinary people can identify with. This new Anglican fellow Justin Welby is the worst of the worst; he’s an evangelical who actually believes their vile gospel. We could be undone even as the Spongs, Robinsons, Inghams, Jefferts Schoris and their revisionist ilk kill off the last vestiges of faith in North American Anglicanism.

Even atheism is falling on hard times with unbelievers squabbling among themselves over the limits of unbelief.

Richard Dawkins, one of our more adorable atheist candidates for the pit, actually admitted he was a “cultural Anglican,” and liked the Church of England around if only for cultural reasons. This is the thin end of the wedge, Wormwood. Any concession to the other side allows room for belief and that is disastrous. There must be no concessions, Wormwood. None. Any rays of spiritual light must be met with the thunderstorms of skepticism and doubt with appeals to scientific rationalism and the Big Bang theory.

The church is filled with moderate men and women of all shades of opinion who pose no threat to the other side, but is sweet music to our ears. Parsing the strict claims of the gospel, watering it down to fit the urges and compulsions of the times in which we live is precisely what we want. We want people to hedge their bets, preach inclusion and diversity. We want them to play the compassion card, the poor me’s – an all loving God who allows humans to do whatever they want with their bodies because they say so is precisely the way to go. Let them play on His presumption, Wormwood. Make people believe that God has changed His mind for them. Use some of those passages in the O.T. about where God repented of what he had done. Never mind that they misuse the texts to suit their tastes, the important thing to remember is that they must never compromise their positions or they will be forced to repent. That would be a total disaster for our side and bring down our Father’s wrath on both of us, and we have seen what he can do when he is in one of his wrathful moods.

Remember, never overplay your hand, Wormwood. You have done this on occasion resulting in a backlash of conversions that has sent our Father on drinking fits, mainly quaffing down large pints of bishops’ blood which only makes him even angrier as the stuff tastes like a cross between used cassocks and stale miters. Unbelief is a heady tonic. Bishops’ blood tastes like hell after a couple of decades. Bishop Pike lost a lot in the deserts of Arabia, if I recall.

Keep human happiness in the forefront of people’s minds. Let them believe that to eat drink and be merry is the highest pleasure, that self-indulgence and freedom to do what you like in the name of personal fulfillment is what all humans seek. Let all talk of the “other” be just that…talk. Such liberal notions are not grounded in actuality but in the fantasy that they can really change the world. MDGs and the Five Marks of Mission keep people from examining their own hearts and consciences, throwing themselves into lofty causes about what ought to be done to save the planet diverts them from the inner need for repentance.

Keep the whole panoply of new age nonsense squarely in people’s sights. That eros, not agape, is the highest and greatest love. Let Deepak and Oprah be the guiding lights with a sprinkling of Obama “The One” and Pelosi adding political nostrums, condoms and abortifacients for all. The Nones are our future leading to a fully existential world with a gaping spiritual vacuum that we will fill with sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. The moment the Millennials tire of these things we have a problem. Prepare Plan B.

Meantime, remember just as Rome and Greece fell, so too will the US, the greatest show on earth. We are bankrupting it from the inside out. This has resulted in a lower birth rate, the rise of Islam (in time a much longed for caliphate,) the poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer, and the middle class slowly being squeezed into poverty. Education is being denuded of moral values. The “me” generation now has Facebook and Twitter, cell phones and iPads to while away the hours, unmindful of the state of their souls.

Those recent bombings by militant Islamists only hurts the long-term solutions we seek as they bring people together; worse, they may even revive faith, a truly horrible thought, Wormwood. Punish those who do these things as they do not help us in the cause of dissimulation and disintegration. Remember denying the truth about Him and the meaning of life is not our goal. We can never win that one. Distorting the truth, turning truth on its head, and twisting truth to make it mean what we want it to mean is the goal.

Remember the other side still retains great resources at their disposal. One of the worst is that when these vile humans come to an end of themselves, they are vulnerable to belief. When they repent, our Father drowns his sorrows in more bishops’ blood.

Drunks and bums, sodomites and fornicators, adulterers and drug addicts, tax cheaters and frauds make the best converts for the other side when the light bulbs of forgiveness and grace are turned on.

Conversely, self-righteous clergy, self-satisfied smug bishops and archbishops who lead their flocks astray are sweet music to our ears. Encourage them with more possibilities of power and attainment of full acceptance by their peers if they roll over to our side. Whisper in their ears that all is well and that they are doing His will when really they are doing ours.

Remember millions of souls are at stake and everyone that embraces the dark side, however dressed up in purple, lace and ermine, succumbs to our hell.

Our Father sends his very warmest greetings,

Your affectionate uncle,


FOOTNOTE: Occupy Portland Worships Golden Bull On May Day. Watch it here and weep for America. “To resist it is useless”.!

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