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By Chris Sugden, Evangelicals Now

The Primates Council of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GFCA) are calling the second Global Anglican Future Conference to meet in conference faciklity at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi from October 21-26 this year.

Confirming the plans, Archbishop Peter Jensen, the secretary of the GFCA said

“God is establishing new churches creating new believers and transforming lives. Our hope for the future is in him. Our aim is to move forward confidently, to plan and experience in fellowship a future for Anglicans in which his Word is honoured and our witness is clear. We are looking forward with great expectation to seeing God at work as we meet in Nairobi.’”

Arrangements are in place for over 1200 people to attend, of which around 100 will be from the Church of England.

Many people, members of the Church of England included, may not realise that the Anglican Communion is the larger church framework in which Anglicans live. Even though the CofE has between one and two million out of approximately 60 million Communion members the CofE is still held in honour and has a significant place in the communion not least because of the treasure of biblical faithful/orthodox Anglican Tradition and experience that it holds and also practices in many places. It is a rich legacy that the rest of the communion still draws upon.

In the Global South, FCA International is gaining reputation as a prominent voice of the Southern Anglican Communion. Member provinces and dioceses have joined since Gafcon 1 in 2008. Three FCA provinces alone, Nigeria (20 million), Uganda (11 million) and Kenya (5 million) account for nearly half the Communion’s membership.

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