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Why is he back in the news?
The prominent gay cleric Dr Jeffrey John has stepped back to the forefront of the Church of England debate on homosexual bishops after being nominated as a candidate to succeed Archbishop Justin Welby as Bishop of Durham.
If appointed, Dr John, the dean of St Albans, who has consistently made headlines during the decades-long battle to secure sexual equality in the Anglican faith, would become the first openly gay bishop in the Church of England.
What has been the public reaction?
The Dean and his civil partner, the Rev Grant Holmes, have come under attack for their stance on gay rights regularly since 2003, when Dr John was long-listed to become the Bishop of Reading. The nomination led to several church leaders around the world threatening to split from the faith if he was successful.
Concerns over the schism were so great that Rowan Williams, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, reportedly pressured Dr John to withdraw his name from consideration. Three years later, in stark defiance, he and the Rev Holmes entered into a civil partnership.

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